Choosing the Right Retaining Wall for Your Property

There are many different styles of retaining walls out there, from custom-made solutions to ones that employ everything from natural stone to concrete. But not every type or material will be the perfect fit for your property, so how do you find the best one?

Here the landscaping and hardscaping professionals from Western Landscape have collected some important facts to consider.

What Exactly is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall’s main purpose is to prevent erosion by restraining your soil. It’s most often used where there is a steeper slope on properties and once installed, creates two different levels. It can be not only a practical landscaping tool but also one of beauty, adding extra aesthetic appeal due to the wide variety of sizes, styles, methods, and materials that can be employed.  

Retaining walls have become more popular in recent years, especially in urban areas, and now there is more variety than ever before, in addition to unique construction methods and an abundance of natural materials that offer seamless integration into your landscape.

3 Benefits of Retaining Walls

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, retaining walls are also:

·        Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable products like wood, stone, concrete, and more, retaining walls are eco-friendly. Additionally, natural vegetation remains undisturbed during the installation process.

·         Efficient: Although efficiency might not jump directly to mind when thinking of a wall built to retain soil, they’re designed to withstand tons of weight. If properly designed and installed, a high-quality retaining wall will hold back water, earth, and other encroaching elements for decades at a minimum.

·         Durable: With the minimal maintenance and construction required for retaining walls, they can be surprisingly durable and require little to no upkeep. This means a great return on your investment.

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