Everything You Should Know About Snow Removal in Madison, WI

Winter is coming! Do you have a plan in place for removing snow from your property as it piles up? 

Whether it’s for your home or your business property, you need a great Madison snow removal service on-call. There are numerous reasons, from safety to convenience, to hire an experienced snow removal crew near you to handle the snow. 

In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know, like why snow removal is so important, local Madison laws that apply, and what services you should expect when you call for snow removal.

I. Why Hire a Snow Removal Service in Madison?

Sure, snow removal is something that you could technically do yourself, but…

1 – It’s difficult work

There’s a reason most snow removal companies use large industrial snowplows and high-powered blowers. Trying to do snow removal using consumer-grade tools is exhausting, backbreaking work that can go on for hours… and then be undone by more snowfall by the end of the day!

This is one of those jobs where it really is easier to just leave it to the pros.

2 – It may be outside the scope for your employees

Businesses often inadvertently consume their employees’ valuable work time when they require them to engage in snow removal during the winter. Unless these employees were initially hired for groundskeeping purposes, it’s likely they lack formal training in snow removal. Consequently, businesses risk wasting their employees’ time and productivity, potentially leading to accidents on icy surfaces, which can be unfortunately common. 

(Took out legal liability point)

II. Local Madison Regulations

Along with the more general reasons that it’s a good idea to hire a Madison snow removal service near you, there are also several regulations specific to Madison that you should keep in mind.

Ensuring access: Private homeowners are responsible for ensuring that snow on their property does not block access to their property, or that of their neighbors.

Curbside parking restrictions: During heavy snowfall, parking on the street is restricted so that municipal snowplows have access to the street. You need your driveway clear so you can park on your property, or else you could be ticketed or even have your car towed.

Clear sidewalks: If you have a public sidewalk running alongside your property, you are responsible for keeping it clear of snow, even if the sidewalk is owned by the city.

Hydrant access: If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, you cannot allow snow or ice on your property to block access to it.

In other words, clearing the snow off your property isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law! A good snow removal crew in Madison can make it far easier to avoid expensive fines (or worse.)

III. Why Snow Removal in Madison is So Difficult

As mentioned above, removing snow is a difficult task – and Madison offers a lot of specific challenges that can add to your problems. A great snow removal service has the tools and skills to overcome these issues!

Extra heavy snowfall. Even in a good year, snowfall in Madison can be 50 inches or more. That makes for a lot of snow that needs to be relocated!

Unpredictable weather. Snow and ice storms can form quickly, with very little warning, dumping huge amounts in a short time that require fast response.

Narrow streets. Complicating the problem is that many of Madison’s streets are extremely narrow. This limits where snow can be relocated to and can create difficulties even when hauling it off.

Numerous regulations. As you may have noticed, Madison has a lot of laws relating to snowfall. This requires diligence to stay within regulations!

Regular homeowners and business owners often have difficulty staying on top of these issues. Experienced professional snow-removers can make it much easier.

IV. What a Great Madison Snow Removal Service Can Do for You

When you do call for snow removal in Madison, what kinds of services can you receive?

1 – Snow plowing services 

Of course, any snow removal service is going to have snowplows capable of quickly clearing out large amounts of snow. This can be an excellent way of regaining access to your property or critical areas at a low cost.

2 – Parking lot snow removal

For businesses, it’s critical to ensure that both your employees and your customers/guests have somewhere to park in the winter. A good snow removal service can plow through your parking lot early in the morning before business opens, so you’re ready to go.

3 – Shoveling sidewalks and pathways 

Smaller areas like sidewalks and other paved paths also need attention. When necessary, a great snow removal crew can still break out the shovels to ensure the ‘detail work’ is done, and you can get around your property.

4 – Sanding and ice-removal services

Salt, sand, and other deicers are a must for Madison winters. Clearing snow is only half of the job, if there’s a layer of ice beneath. Good snow removal services also offer de-icing so that your property remains safe to walk on.

5 – Contracted snow and ice management

For businesses, it may be best to contract with a Madison snow removal service for regular visits. They can work with you to find an optimal balance between visits and costs, so you can keep working no matter what the weather does.

Western Landscape Keeps Madison Snow-Free

While we’re best known for our excellent landscaping services, in the winter we become one of Madison’s most trusted snow removal experts. We have the tools and the talent to efficiently remove even huge amounts of snow, protecting your property and ensuring you’re fully compliant with local Madison laws.

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