Repairing, Replacing, or Removing Retaining Walls – What You Should Know

Retaining walls (also called retention walls) are a unique form of hardscaping, because they aren’t just for decoration. Most of the time, they also provide a very important function: holding back soil and preventing erosion.

So, if you’re thinking about making any changes to your Madison retaining walls, make sure you have a carefully thought out plan. The changes shouldn’t undo the work the wall is already doing. So, let’s briefly talk about some options for your retaining wall.

I. Replacing a Retaining Wall in Madison

Retaining walls are under a lot of pressure 24/7 because they’re constantly holding back a lot of soil, while also dealing with wind, rain, and other elemental factors. They will wear down over time. Typically, you’ll see the wall starting to lean more and more. Or, sometimes, the individual retaining wall bricks will begin to fail, allowing the soil to seep through the wall.

This is when you should start looking into whether it’s time to replace the wall. Once it starts leaning at an angle, it’s going to be increasingly vulnerable to failure – especially from heavy rains. If that happens, you could have a real mess on your hands.

II. Repairing a Retaining Wall in Madison

Can retaining walls be repaired without replacing them? In many cases, yes, but it’s going to be on a case-by-case basis. You’ll want to consult with Madison retention wall experts before making any hard decisions.

If your retaining wall is made of brick, and the individual bricks are failing, these can often be replaced. Wooden walls, likewise, are usually segmented so that individual planks can be replaced without too much problem.

However, if the wall is concrete, repairing it will be more difficult depending on how cracked it’s become.

III. Removing the Wall

This is something that should only be done with a lot of forethought, and with a plan to handle the landscape without the wall in place.

Now, if you have a short retaining wall that’s only a couple of feet high, it’s usually not that big a problem. If the wall is removed slowly, the soil can typically be smoothed into a hill which can be sodded. A landscaper removing the wall may also be able to simply haul off extra soil to flatten the landscape. 

For tall walls holding back a lot of soil, removing it may not be a good idea. At least, not unless it’s part of a larger plan to completely redo that landscape portion of your property. This is another situation where you need a good landscaping service in Madison to oversee the job.

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