The Advantages of Seeding and Sodding Your Lawn

When you’re starting a new lawn, a question people often ask is, “Should I plant seeds or sod my lawn?” The answer to this question can vary for each person because it depends on where you live and how much time and money you’re willing to put in. To help you battle the confusion, Western Landscape has put together a list of advantages for both seeding and sodding so that you can make the best choice for what your lawn needs.

Seeding Advantages

More Types of Grass to Choose From

When you’re thinking about how you want your lawn to look, seeding gives you a bunch of options. You can pick from different types of grass that suit your area and your preferences. It’s like choosing what color shirt to wear – you have choices!

Stronger Roots

Think about how a tree’s roots help it stay strong and upright. Grass roots work in a similar way. When you seed your lawn, the new grass starts growing from the ground up, and the roots grow down deep into the soil. This makes your lawn tougher and better at handling different weather conditions.

No Thatch Layer

Picture a cozy blanket of old grass and debris on top of your lawn. This is called “thatch.” When you seed your lawn, you don’t have to worry about this blanket forming. Thatch can sometimes hide problems like diseases or pesky insects. When you seed, you’re starting fresh, so there’s no hidden layer causing trouble.

Sodding Advantages

Instant Satisfaction

Sodding gets you instant results and satisfaction for your lawn. Instead of waiting for seeds to grow, you get a full, lush lawn right away. You won’t have to wait for the grass seeds to grow into mature plants and for the grass to fully set in your lawn.

Fewer Weeds at First

When you sod your lawn, it’s like giving the grass a head start against weeds. Sodding comes with mature grass, so it’s hard for weeds to squeeze in. This means you’ll have a nicer-looking lawn without those pesky plants popping up everywhere.

Anytime Planting

Have you ever missed a friend’s birthday but still gave them a gift later? Sodding can be a bit like that. You can put it down on your lawn anytime during the year when the grass is growing. This gives you flexibility and convenience.

No More Mud and Erosion

Imagine you’re building a sandcastle and waves keep washing it away. That’s a bit like soil erosion on your lawn. Sodding can help with this problem. When you sod your lawn, it helps keep the soil in place, especially on slopes. Plus, you won’t have to deal with muddy messes while waiting for new grass to grow.

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