The Overlooked Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Madison, WI

Whether you’re maintaining a lawn for your own home in the Madison, WI area or for a residential property, one of the best practices is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration – combined with overseeding – can produce amazingly lush green lawns that people love. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this practice, even though they should.

So, let’s talk about lawn aeration and why it’s worth doing once a year, in the fall.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

In short, lawn aeration involves the removal of small thin sections of soil and thatch throughout your lawn. These are typically around an inch or so across, and a few inches deep, down to approximately the bottom of the roots of your grass. 

Opening these holes up allows for much more air, water, and nutrients to make their way down to the root system of your lawn. This allows the grass to grow in extremely healthy conditions. This can be combined with overseeding – spreading seeds on top of the lawn and into the aeration holes, to encourage thicker lawn growth.

For lawns that look patchy and have thin spots scattered around, lawn aeration and overseeding in Madison can reinvigorate the lawn!

Aeration Brings Numerous Benefits

This is a true whole-lawn health solution which improves the quality of your lawn in numerous ways.

1. Richer, thicker grass

Because your grass has easy access to air, water, and nutrients, it’s going to be much healthier than grass growing in depleted soil. The overseeding process also helps replace grass which has withered and died, revitalizing your lawn in one stroke.

2. Reducing soil compaction

If your grassy areas see a lot of foot traffic – such as green spaces in residential communities – that results in soil compaction which is bad for the grass. The aeration process relieves some of this compaction, making the soil looser. This, in turn, makes it easier for your grass roots to find their way through the soil.

3. Reducing thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead plant matter, mixed with living roots and shoots, which can build up around the soil’s surface. A small amount of thatch can be healthy and contribute needed nutrients to the soil, but too much can begin to choke your lawn out. Aeration removes and breaks up much of the thatch, preventing this.

4. Promoting new growth

Finally, the aeration and overseeding process helps add new growth to your lawn, which removes some of the stress on your existing grass. New seeds have a better chance to take hold and grow, resulting in a far more green and lush lawn once they grow in the spring.

Western Landscape

Western Landscape provides affordable lawn aeration and overseeding services in Madison, WI, and the surrounding area. Fall is the perfect time to aerate, so contact us for an appointment!