February 27th, 2024

Natural Privacy Solutions: Enhancing Seclusion in Your Madison Oasis

Privacy in your outdoor space is a coveted luxury, especially in urban and suburban locales of Madison, WI. Western Landscape understands the need for a personal retreat and offers bespoke privacy landscaping solutions that cater to this demand. Drawing inspiration from the lush, natural landscape of Wisconsin, we specialize in creating serene havens that offer seclusion and tranquility. This blog will explore how strategic landscaping can enhance privacy in your outdoor living areas.


Natural Privacy Solutions: Enhancing Seclusion in Your Madison Oasis

Crafting Seclusion with Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are nature's answer to privacy screens. They provide year-round seclusion, reduce noise, and contribute to the local ecosystem. In Madison's climate, choosing native species that thrive in Wisconsin's distinct seasons is crucial. Western Landscape prides itself on selecting the perfect mix of evergreens and deciduous plants that serve as natural barriers while also enhancing the beauty of your property.


The Art of Hardscaping for Privacy

Hardscaping elements like stone walls, lattice work, and fences can be both functional and aesthetic. They are a foundational aspect of privacy landscaping in Madison, WI, offering immediate barriers that are weather-resistant and long-lasting. Combining these structures with climbing vines or cascading blooms adds a green touch to these solid elements, creating a seamless blend of natural and built environments.


Hedge Rows: The Classic Privacy Screen

Hedge rows, when well-planned and maintained, provide a dense, leafy barrier that is both elegant and effective. As one of the leading landscaping companies in Madison WI, we can design and cultivate hedge rows that complement your outdoor space's dimensions and style, ensuring a natural screen that grows more beautiful with each passing season.


Creating Multi-Layered Privacy Landscapes

For the ultimate in secluded outdoor living, Western Landscape is able to offer a multi-layered approach to privacy landscaping. By combining trees, shrubs, hardscaping, and garden structures, we craft a nuanced privacy solution that feels both organic and intentional—a true sanctuary from the outside world.


Tailored to Madison’s Climate

Our designs are not only about aesthetics but also about practicality in Madison's variable climate. We choose plant species that are hardy in the cold winters and can thrive in the warm summers, ensuring that your privacy landscape is resilient and sustainable year-round.



At Western Landscape, we believe your garden should be a private escape, tailored to the unique needs of Madison's residents. Our comprehensive approach to privacy landscaping integrates the best of hardscaping in Madison, WI with the natural grace of the region's flora. Connect with us to transform your outdoor space into a secluded paradise, where privacy and beauty go hand in hand.

February 20th, 2024

Maximize Your Outdoor Enjoyment With The Pleasures of Beautiful Landscaping and Patio Living in the Madison, WI Area

As the leading provider of hardscaping services and patio solutions in Madison, WI, Western Landscape is dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into your favorite living areas. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to quality, our team is here to guide you through the pleasures of landscaping and patio living that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also extend your living space into the natural world. In this blog, we'll delve into the joys of the paver patio, the elegance of retaining walls, the allure of outdoor kitchens, and the charm of landscape plantings.

Maximize Your Outdoor Enjoyment With The Pleasures of Beautiful Landscaping and Patio Living in the Madison, WI Area

The Paver Patio: A Gateway to Leisure

Imagine stepping out of your home onto a beautifully crafted paver patio—a space where leisure and beauty coalesce. As a pivotal element in hardscaping services in Madison, paver patios offer unparalleled durability and versatility in design. They are the foundation of your outdoor sanctuary, setting the stage for family gatherings, quiet afternoons with a book, or vibrant social events under the stars. Western Landscape creates customized patios that reflect your personal style and the architecture of your home, ensuring a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.


Retaining Walls: Functional Elegance

Retaining walls do more than just hold back soil; they are an opportunity to add depth and structure to your landscape. Whether you're looking to combat erosion, create defined planting areas, or simply add a new dimension to your garden, our retaining walls are designed to be as attractive as they are functional. As a key aspect of landscaping in Madison, WI, these structures can be integrated into your overall design, enhancing the usability and aesthetics of sloped properties.


Outdoor Kitchens: Culinary Experiences Al Fresco

In Madison, where the culinary scene is as rich as the surrounding nature, an outdoor kitchen is a natural extension of the home chef's domain. Our hardscaping services include the design and installation of outdoor kitchens that cater to the entertainer's spirit. From built-in grills to bespoke countertops and storage, we ensure your outdoor cooking experience is as convenient as it is enjoyable. Let the smells of grilling and the warmth of the hearth draw in your guests for an unforgettable dining experience.


Landscape Plantings: Bringing Life to Your Garden

No patio living space is complete without the vibrant touch of landscape plantings. Our selection of flora, tailored to the Madison climate, ensures year-round color and texture in your garden. From perennial beds that welcome returning blooms each year to annuals that offer a splash of season-specific color, our landscaping services in Madison, WI, are designed to create a living tapestry that delights the senses.



At Western Landscape, we understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home. It's a place for relaxation, enjoyment, and connection with nature. With our expertise in hardscaping services, patio Madison WI installations, and landscape design, we're not just building landscapes—we're crafting experiences. Contact us to begin your journey toward the perfect outdoor living space, where every detail is crafted with care and every element exists to enhance your enjoyment.

February 13th, 2024

Elevate Your Business Appeal with Commercial Landscaping in Madison, WI

In the bustling city of Madison, where businesses vie for customer attention, first impressions are crucial. The exterior of your commercial property can play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. As a leading name among Madison landscaping companies, Western Landscape offers innovative commercial landscaping solutions tailored to enhance your business's curb appeal. Here's how to leverage our expertise in commercial landscaping in Madison, WI to make your property stand out.

Elevate Your Business Appeal with Commercial Landscaping in Madison, WI

Create an Inviting Entrance

The entrance of your business is the handshake that greets your customers. Thoughtful landscaping can transform it into a welcoming gesture. We can help you in creating eye-catching greenery displays that invite potential customers inside. As expert landscapers in Madison WI, our designs are not only beautiful but also aligned with your company's branding and ethos.


Incorporate Branded Landscape Designs

Your landscape is an extension of your brand. As one of the premier landscape companies in Madison WI, we can incorporate your brand colors and ethos into our designs. This subtle yet effective branding can significantly boost your property's recognition and set you apart from the competition.


Prioritize Seasonal Color

Madison’s seasons are rich with color, and your landscape should reflect this. Seasonal planting can keep your property looking fresh and vibrant all year long. As your commercial landscaping Madison partner, we ensure that your business is surrounded by a symphony of colors that reflect the season, from the warm hues of fall to the vibrant tones of spring.


Optimize for Low Maintenance

The aesthetics of your commercial landscape should not come at the cost of practicality. Landscaping companies Madison businesses rely on should offer low-maintenance designs that look pristine with minimal upkeep. Our landscaping Madison experts select durable plants and materials that maintain their allure with minimal maintenance, ensuring your property always looks its best with little effort.


Utilize Sustainable Practices

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainable landscaping is not just a trend but a business statement. As responsible landscapers Madison WI trusts, we employ sustainable practices, including drought-resistant plants and eco-friendly materials, to minimize environmental impact while maximizing aesthetic appeal.


Enhance Outdoor Spaces for Customers

Creating outdoor spaces where customers can relax, dine, or take a break can significantly enhance their experience. We design functional outdoor settings, such as patios and seating areas, that extend the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors, making your property a preferred destination for clients looking to enjoy the Madison atmosphere.


Improve Accessibility

Accessibility is key in commercial landscaping. Our landscape designs ensure that all customers, regardless of ability, can navigate your outdoor space with ease. As seasoned commercial landscapers in Madison, we understand the importance of accessibility and integrate it seamlessly into attractive, functional landscapes.



Your commercial property’s landscape can be a powerful tool in attracting more customers and setting the stage for positive business interactions. As one of the top Madison landscaping companies, Western Landscape is dedicated to providing commercial landscaping in Madison, WI that not only meets but exceeds your business needs. With our tailored designs, sustainability practices, and expert execution, your commercial landscape will not only draw in customers but also provide an inviting atmosphere that encourages them to return. Partner with us and let’s transform your commercial space into a beacon of business in Madison!

February 6th, 2024

What To Know When Hiring A Landscape Design Company in Madison, WI

When the time comes to rejuvenate your outdoor space, the expertise of a professional landscapedesign company becomes invaluable. In Madison, WI, where each home boasts its unique charm, selecting the right team to bring your vision to fruition is paramount. To navigate the lush landscape of options, here's what you should know about hiring a landscape design company in Madison.


What To Know When Hiring A Landscape Design Company in Madison, WI

Understand Their Expertise

Not all landscape companies in Madison, WI are created equal. Some excel in minimalist designs, while others are maestros of vibrant, complex gardens. When researching landscapers in Madison, delve into their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision. A company experienced in a range of styles, like Western Landscape, offers versatility and creativity to meet your specific aesthetic and functional needs.


Evaluate Their Reputation

Reputation is the cornerstone of trust when it comes to selecting a landscape design company. Landscaping companies in Madison are plentiful, but you want a team with a robust track record of customer satisfaction. Look for landscapers in Madison with glowing testimonials and a portfolio that showcases their commitment to quality and service.


Consider the Full Spectrum of Services

Your landscaping needs may evolve, so it’s wise to choose a company that offers a comprehensive suite of services. Whether it's initial design, installation, maintenance, or seasonal adjustments, Madison landscaping companies like Western Landscape provide a one-stop-shop experience, ensuring continuity and quality throughout the lifecycle of your outdoor area.


Check for Local Knowledge

Landscaping in our area comes with its own set of climate-specific challenges and opportunities. Local landscape companies in Madison will have an in-depth understanding of the regional conditions, from soil types to native plant species, and will know how to create a sustainable and thriving landscape in this unique environment.


Ensure Communication and Collaboration

Your relationship with your landscaper should be a partnership. The best landscapers Madison offers are those who listen to your ideas, communicate their suggestions clearly, and collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Open communication is key to ensuring that the end result is a landscape that you love and are proud to call your own.


Understand the Investment

Quality landscaping is an investment in your property. When comparing quotes from different local landscaping companies, consider the long-term value of their work. The cheapest option may not always be the best choice if it doesn't meet the quality and durability you expect from professional landscapers in Madison.



Selecting a landscape design company in Madison, WI is a journey that leads to the transformation of your outdoor living space. With the right team, this process becomes an exciting venture into creating a personalized oasis. At Western Landscape, we embody the essence of superior landscaping in Madison, offering the expertise, local knowledge, and personalized service needed to elevate your outdoor space. Connect with us, and let’s cultivate not just a garden, but a lasting partnership and a landscape that stands the test of time.

January 27th, 2024

Western Landscape: Your Premier Partner for Exceptional Landscaping in Madison, WI

When it comes to elevating the natural beauty of your outdoor space, the choice of a landscaping company is paramount. In the greater Madison area, Western Landscape stands out as the premier landscaping company, a title we carry with pride and commitment. As the most revered name with the highest number of five-star reviews in Madison, our reputation is built on more than just the work we do; it's founded on the partnerships we forge with our clients and the exceptional results we deliver.

Western Landscape: Your Premier Partner for Exceptional Landscaping in Madison, WI

At Western Landscape, we understand that landscaping, lawn care, hardscaping, and maintenance are more than just tasks on a checklist—they are the art of creating and nurturing an environment that reflects your taste, lifestyle, and the essence of your home. Our expertise extends beyond the soil and plants; we sculpt your outdoor area into a living space where memories are made, and moments are cherished.

Landscaping Excellence in Madison, WI

Our journey began with a simple vision: to provide unparalleled landscaping services that exceed expectations. Today, that vision has blossomed into reality, with our team leading as a top landscaping company in Madison, WI. Our clients trust us not only for our horticultural and design skills but also for our dedication to making their outdoor space feel like an extension of their home. Every project is an opportunity for us to showcase our passion for landscaping and our commitment to quality.


Hardscaping Artistry Meets Functionality

Hardscaping is an integral part of our service repertoire. From elegant patios and serene walkways to robust retaining walls and outdoor living areas, we blend artistry with functionality. Our designs are tailored to withstand the changing Wisconsin seasons, ensuring that your outdoor space is as enduring as it is beautiful.


Lawn Care and Maintenance: A Commitment to Growth

Our lawn care and maintenance services are designed to ensure that your green space remains lush, healthy, and vibrant throughout the year. We don't just provide services; we partner with you to understand the unique needs of your landscape, adapting our approach to guarantee the best results. This active partnership role we take with each client is a testament to our dedication to your satisfaction.


Building Genuine Connections

We at Western Landscape pride ourselves on building genuine connections with our clients. We listen, we engage, and we understand that each landscape is as unique as the individuals who cherish it. Our goal is to make your space not only look amazing but to also reflect the essence of who you are. This approach has earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients, and it's why we're known as one of the best landscaping companies near you.


Five-Star Service with Every Project

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the multitude of five-star reviews we've received from satisfied customers. These reviews speak to the quality of our work, the professionalism of our team, and the joy we bring to our clients through our services. They serve as a reminder of our unwavering commitment to being one of the best in the industry and the trust we've earned as a top-rated landscaping company in Madison, WI.



Choosing Western Landscape means selecting a partner who will work with you every step of the way to transform your outdoor space into a haven of natural beauty. With our comprehensive range of services, from lawn care to full-scale hardscaping projects, we are equipped to meet all of your landscaping needs. Let's embark on this journey together and bring your vision for your outdoor space to life. Contact us today, and experience why we are the top choice for landscaping excellence in the greater Madison area.

January 20th, 2024

How Landscapers Use Retaining Wall Blocks in Madison, WI

In the picturesque city of Madison, WI, where the natural landscape melds seamlessly with urban charm, homeowners and businesses alike strive to enhance their outdoor spaces. Among the myriad of landscaping solutions, retaining walls stand out for their functionality and aesthetic appeal. As experts in hardscaping services, including the design and installation of retaining walls in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas, we at Western Landscape are here to guide you through the benefits and possibilities of integrating retaining walls into your landscape.

How Landscapers Use Retaining Wall Blocks in Madison, WI

The Role of Retaining Walls in Landscaping

Retaining walls serve a dual purpose: they prevent soil erosion and manage water runoff, all while adding a visually striking element to your outdoor area. In the Madison area, where the terrain can vary from flatlands to gentle hills, retaining walls offer a practical solution for creating level surfaces and maximizing usable outdoor space. Whether you're near the heart of Madison or in the surrounding regions, retaining walls can transform your landscape.


Choosing Materials for Retaining Walls

The choice of materials for retaining walls near Madison, WI, is crucial for both the integrity of the wall and the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Popular options include natural stone, concrete blocks, and bricks, each offering its own set of benefits in terms of durability, maintenance, and appearance. Our team specializes in selecting the best materials that not only fit your landscape's aesthetic but also withstand the local climate's demands.


Incorporating Retaining Walls into Your Landscape Design

Retaining walls are more than just functional structures; they are an integral part of your landscape's design. By incorporating retaining walls, you can create distinct levels in your garden, build raised planters for a more dramatic effect, or even design a cozy outdoor seating area. The possibilities are endless, and with our expertise in hardscaping services in Madison, we can help bring your vision to life.


Why Choose Western Landscape for Your Hardscaping Needs?

When it comes to hardscaping services near Madison, WI, Western Landscape stands out for our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, from small residential gardens to large commercial landscapes. We understand the local environment and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that each project not only enhances the beauty of their space but also contributes to its functionality and sustainability.


Get Started on Your Project Today

If you're considering adding a retaining wall or any other hardscaping element to your property, now is the perfect time to explore your options. With our expertise in hardscaping services in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas, Western Landscape is your go-to partner for transforming your outdoor space. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can help you create a landscape that combines beauty, functionality, and durability.

By choosing Western Landscape for your hardscaping needs, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a top quality partner dedicated to bringing your outdoor vision to life. From the initial design to the final installation, we're with you every step of the way. Let us help you make the most of your outdoor space with our expert hardscaping services in the greater Madison area.

January 13th, 2024

Mastering Patio Perfection in Madison: A Guide to Outdoor Elegance

Embarking on the journey to design your dream patio in the heart of Madison, WI, involves a blend of vision, functionality, and harmony with nature's backdrop. With the local climate's unique demands and the diverse architectural styles, crafting an outdoor sanctuary that caters to your lifestyle while resonating with your home's charm is an art. Here's how to navigate the creation of a patio space that not only meets your desires but becomes the heart of your outdoor living.

Mastering Patio Perfection in Madison: A Guide to Outdoor Elegance

Crafting Your Patio Vision: Space and Lifestyle Considerations

The foundation of a perfect patio lies in a clear understanding of the available space and your lifestyle aspirations. Assessing the layout of your land, the patterns of sunlight, and how you envision utilizing the space—be it as a serene retreat or a vibrant entertainment hub—sets the stage for a tailored patio design.


Material Matters: Selecting Durable and Stylish Options

The choice of materials is paramount in ensuring your patio withstands Madison's varied climate while maintaining its aesthetic allure. From the rustic charm of brick and stone to the sleek appeal of concrete and pavers, your selection should resonate with your home's architecture and withstand the test of time and weather.


The Harmony of Comfort and Utility

Achieving a balance between plush comfort and practical utility transforms your patio into a versatile oasis. Envision integrating cozy seating, strategic lighting, and protective shade to cater to all occasions. Features like outdoor kitchens and fire pits heighten the functional versatility of your space.


Embracing the Seasons: Designing for Year-Round Delight

Your patio can be a haven of enjoyment across all seasons with thoughtful planning. Incorporating heating solutions and selecting weather-resistant materials and furniture ensures your outdoor space is welcoming, even as the seasons shift.


Cultivating Privacy and Peace

Creating a secluded nook in your backyard is key to a serene patio experience. Employ landscaping, fencing, or privacy screens to craft an intimate setting, where natural greenery plays a pivotal role in enhancing solitude and beauty.


Seamless Integration: Echoing Your Home's Essence

For a patio that feels like a natural extension of your home, select designs and materials that complement your home’s exterior. This synergy between indoor and outdoor spaces fosters a cohesive living environment.


Infusing Personal Essence: The Finishing Touches

The true spirit of your patio comes alive with personal embellishments. From vibrant outdoor textiles and plant life to unique decorative pieces, these touches imbue your space with individuality and warmth.


Designing the ultimate patio in Madison, WI, is a journey of marrying practicality with personal style against the backdrop of nature and architectural elegance. It's about creating a space that not only reflects your unique taste but also stands as a testament to thoughtful design and durability. With Western Landscape, every step towards realizing your perfect outdoor retreat is guided by expertise and a deep understanding of your vision for patio perfection in Madison. If you're on the hunt for the quintessential outdoor space in the heart of Madison or in pursuit of top-tier hardscaping expertise close to home, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We specialize in creating not merely spaces, but enchanting experiences that are meant to be treasured for a lifetime. Contact us today to start bringing your vision to life!

January 6th, 2024

10 Inspiring Ways to Incorporate Hardscapes into Your Landscaping

Hardscaping, an essential component of landscape design, offers both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits to outdoor spaces. As a leading provider of hardscaping services in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas, we at Western Landscape are excited to share with you 10 inspiring ways to incorporate hardscapes into your landscaping. These ideas not only enhance curb appeal but also create inviting, usable outdoor living areas. Let's explore how hardscaping services near Madison, WI, can transform your yard into a stunning outdoor oasis.

10 Inspiring Ways to Incorporate Hardscapes into Your Landscaping

1. Define Pathways

Pathways are the veins of your garden, guiding movement and inviting exploration. By utilizing materials like flagstone, pavers, or decomposed granite, you can create pathways that are both functional and beautiful. These hardscaping elements help define the flow of your outdoor space, connecting different areas seamlessly and adding a sense of order and accessibility.


2. Outdoor Seating Areas

Imagine a cozy nook in your garden where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Outdoor seating areas, crafted with durable materials such as stone or concrete, offer a perfect retreat. Whether it's a secluded bench under a tree or a spacious patio with comfortable furniture, these areas provide a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment.


3. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve a dual purpose: they prevent soil erosion and add a striking visual element to your landscape. With a variety of materials at your disposal, including natural stone and concrete blocks, you can create retaining walls that complement your outdoor design. These structures can also be used to create raised garden beds, adding depth and interest to your landscaping.


4. Water Features

Water features, such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls, introduce a serene and refreshing ambiance to your garden. The soothing sound of water adds a tranquil atmosphere, making your outdoor space a peaceful retreat. These features can be designed to fit any size garden, from a small birdbath in a modest yard to a grand pond in a larger landscape.


5. Fire Pits or Fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces create a warm and inviting focal point for outdoor gatherings. Whether you prefer a rustic, campfire feel or a sleek, modern design, these elements extend the usability of your outdoor space into the cooler months, providing a cozy spot for family and friends to gather.


6. Garden Borders

Garden borders delineate spaces within your garden, creating clean lines and adding structure. Materials such as stone, brick, or metal can be used to outline flower beds, pathways, or lawns, enhancing the overall appearance of your landscape and making maintenance easier.


7. Terraces or Steps

For properties with slopes, terraces and steps are practical solutions that also add visual interest. They can transform a sloped yard into usable space, creating areas for planting, dining, or relaxing. Designed with materials that match or complement your existing hardscapes, these elements make your landscape more accessible and visually appealing.


8. Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

An outdoor kitchen or bar elevates your entertaining capabilities, offering a convenient and stylish space to cook and socialize. Equipped with countertops, grills, and seating areas, these spaces are perfect for hosting gatherings, blending the comforts of indoor amenities with the beauty of the outdoors.


9. Decorative Walls

Decorative walls, whether used for privacy, wind protection, or simply as a backdrop for plantings, add character and depth to your garden. With a range of materials and designs available, these walls can be a major design element, reflecting your personal style and enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space.


10. Garden Sculptures or Focal Points

Incorporating sculptures or other focal points into your landscape design can create intrigue and draw the eye. These elements, whether abstract art pieces, traditional statues, or even uniquely designed hardscape elements, serve as conversation starters and add a touch of sophistication to your garden.



Incorporating hardscapes into your landscaping is a powerful way to enhance both the form and function of your outdoor spaces. From pathways and patios to water features and walls, the possibilities are endless. At Western Landscape in Madison, WI, we specialize in transforming your vision into reality, offering professional hardscaping services tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking to update a single aspect of your garden or undertake a complete outdoor renovation, we're here to help you achieve a stunning, cohesive landscape that you'll enjoy for years to come.

December 26th, 2023

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space in Madison, WI: The Ultimate Guide to Patio Landscaping

Understanding Madison's Climate and Its Impact on Landscaping

Nestled in the heart of southern Wisconsin, the Madison-area experiences a diverse range of seasonal weather patterns. From the fresh bloom of spring to the crisp snowfall of winter, each season brings its unique charm and challenges to landscaping. Understanding these climatic nuances is essential for creating sustainable and beautiful outdoor spaces. For instance, the cold winters demand hardy plant selections and durable landscape materials, while the warm summers offer a perfect backdrop for vibrant flora.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space in Madison, WI: The Ultimate Guide to Patio Landscaping

Planning Your Patio Space in Madison, WI

Assessing Your Space: Size, Shape, and Orientation

The first step in creating your dream patio in Madison is understanding the spatial dynamics of your backyard. Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a cozy nook, the size, shape, and orientation of your space will guide your design choices. It's essential to consider the sun's path, prevailing winds, and natural contours to optimize your patio's comfort and functionality.

Defining the Purpose: Entertainment, Relaxation, Dining, or a Combination

Every patio tells a story. What's yours? Is it an extension of your living room for relaxation, a dining area for al fresco meals, or a lively entertainment hub? Identifying the primary purpose of your new patio in Madison, WI, will influence every aspect of its design, from layout to furnishings.

Privacy and Comfort: Considering Fencing, Screens, or Natural Barriers

Privacy and comfort are key to enjoying your outdoor space. Strategic placement of fencing, screens, or natural barriers like hedges can create a secluded oasis right in your backyard.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Patio

Paving Options: Pros and Cons for Madison's Climate

When it comes to paving your patio, the choices are abundant. Concrete offers a sleek, modern look but may require regular maintenance. Pavers provide versatility in design but can shift over time. Natural stone brings timeless beauty but at a higher cost. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, especially when considering Madison's variable climate.

Sustainable Choices: Eco-Friendly Materials and Designs

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a responsibility. Choosing eco-friendly materials and designs not only benefits the environment but also enhances the local ecosystem. Permeable pavers, recycled materials, and thoughtful landscaping can create a patio space that's both beautiful and beneficial to Madison, WI’s natural surroundings.

Incorporating Native Plants

Benefits of Native Plants: Low Maintenance, Climate Resilience, and Supporting Local Wildlife

Native plants are the unsung heroes of a successful Madison, WI-area landscape. They're naturally adapted to the local climate, require less maintenance, and provide essential habitats for wildlife. Including native plants in your patio landscaping not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to the ecological health of the region.

Suggested Native Plants: Thriving Species in Madison

Madison, WI's climate is conducive to a variety of native plants. From the vibrant Black-eyed Susan to the serene Wild Bergamot, there's a native plant to suit every patio style and preference.

Adding Functional and Decorative Elements to Your Patio

Furniture Selection: Durable and Weather-Resistant Options

Your patio furniture should be as resilient as it is comfortable. Opt for materials that can withstand Madison, WI’s weather while providing the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Lighting: Creating Ambiance and Ensuring Safety

The right lighting can transform your patio into an enchanting evening retreat in Madison, WI. It’s not just about aesthetics; proper lighting also ensures safety for you and your guests.

Water Features: Considering Small Ponds, Fountains, or Birdbaths

Water features add a sense of tranquility and elegance to your patio. A small pond, fountain, or birdbath can be a focal point, attracting birds and creating a serene atmosphere. When planning for a water feature for your patio, consider its maintenance and how it integrates with the rest of your landscaping design.

Seasonal Considerations and Patio Maintenance

Preparing for Winter: Protecting Your Patio and Plants from the Cold

Madison, WI's winters can be harsh, and preparing your patio for this season is crucial. This involves protecting your plants, covering or storing outdoor furniture, and ensuring your hardscaping materials are winter-ready.

Spring and Summer Care: Tips for Planting, Pruning, and Cleaning

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to bring your patio back to life. Spring and summer in Madison are perfect for planting new flowers, pruning existing plants, and giving your patio a thorough cleaning.

Fall Preparations: Seasonal Decorations and Preparing for the Next Winter

As the leaves begin to turn in Madison, WI, it’s time to think about preparing your patio for the colder months ahead. This might include adding seasonal decorations, preparing plants for the winter, and ensuring your hardscape is ready for the snow and ice.

Hiring Madison’s Patio Professionals vs. DIY

DIY Tips: Resources and Ideas for Those Who Prefer to Do It Themselves

For those who love the satisfaction of a DIY project, there are plenty of resources available. From planning your patio layout to selecting plants, the internet is full of inspiration and guidance. However, it's important to know your limits and when to seek professional help.

When to Call in the Patio Experts in Madison: Complex Designs, Installations, or Maintenance

Sometimes, the expertise of a professional is invaluable, especially for complex designs, installations, or maintenance. This is where Western Landscape Service comes in, offering top-notch landscaping services in the Madison area. Our team understands the local climate and soil conditions, ensuring that your patio not only looks great but is also sustainable and long-lasting.


Your patio is more than just an outdoor space; it's an extension of your home. Whether you're planning a new patio or revamping an existing one, considering Madison, WI's unique climate, choosing the right materials, and incorporating native plants are key to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living area. And for those times when you need a professional touch, Western Landscape Service is here to provide the best landscaping experience in Wisconsin. With our expertise in patios and hardscaping, we’re dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

Remember, a well-designed patio not only enhances your quality of life but also adds value to your Madison home. So, start planning your dream outdoor space today and enjoy the beauty of Madison's landscape right in your backyard. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!

December 17th, 2023

Snow Removal Mastery for Madison's Industrial Facilities

Welcome to Western Landscape, Madison's leading authority in snow removal for large companies and industrial facilities. Winter in Wisconsin brings unique challenges, especially for expansive industrial complexes. Let’s dive into how our expertise makes a difference in keeping Madison's businesses running smoothly, regardless of the snowfall.


Premier Snow Removal Services for Industrial Facilities in Madison, WI

Navigating Large-Scale Snow Challenges

At Western Landscape, we understand that industrial facilities in Madison require more than just basic snow clearing. These sites demand strategic planning and the use of heavy-duty equipment to manage extensive snowfall efficiently. Our team specializes in large-area snow removal, ensuring that every inch of your property remains accessible and safe, even during the heaviest snowstorms.


Customized Solutions for Diverse Industrial Setups

No two industrial facilities are the same, and neither are our snow removal strategies. Whether you're running a manufacturing plant, a logistics hub, or a large corporate campus in Madison, our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. We consider your facility's layout, operational hours, and safety protocols to devise a snow management plan that minimizes disruption and maximizes efficiency.


Advanced Techniques for Safe and Swift Clearing

Safety is paramount in industrial snow removal, especially when dealing with heavy machinery and hazardous materials. Our team is trained to handle these complexities, using advanced techniques and non-corrosive de-icing agents to ensure that your Madison facility remains operational and hazard-free. Our fleet of specialized snow removal equipment is ready to tackle anything Mother Nature throws our way.


Contact Western Landscape for Comprehensive Snow Removal in Madison

When it comes to managing winter's challenges in Madison, WI, Western Landscape stands out as the go-to expert for large-scale industrial snow removal. We offer customized, efficient, and reliable snow management services that keep your business running smoothly all winter long. If you're looking for top-notch snow removal services inMadison, WI, look no further than Western Landscape. Contact us today to ensure your industrial facility is winter-ready.

December 8th, 2023

Retaining Walls: Madison's Secret to Gorgeous Landscapes

Hey there, Madison homeowners! Ever thought about how a retaining wall could add a dash of charm to your property? Whether you’re nestled near Lake Mendota or perched on a hillside, our retaining walls are more than just soil holders – they’re a way to make your outdoor space pop!

Discover the Charm of Retaining Walls for Your Madison Home

Madison’s Weather Meets Its Match

We all know Wisconsin’s weather can be a bit of a rollercoaster. That's where our retaining walls come in handy. They keep your garden looking top-notch, rain or shine, and complement the unique styles of homes we have here in Madison – from those quaint bungalows to sleek, modern designs.


Garden Beauty in the Heart of Madison, WI

In Madison, we love our gardens, don't we? Our retaining walls are perfect for creating those eye-catching garden beds that make neighbors stop and stare. They work wonders with our local soil, helping your plants thrive and adding a touch of nature's beauty to your urban oasis.


Retaining Walls: The Social Butterfly of Madison Yards

Planning another get-together with friends? Our retaining walls are more than just pretty faces; they double as natural seating. Imagine cozying up around a fire pit or enjoying a summer BBQ, all while your retaining wall seamlessly fits into the backdrop of your Madison home.


A Strong Foundation for Every Madison Area Landscape

Madison’s diverse terrain is beautiful but can be a challenge for homeowners. No worries – our retaining walls are here to save the day, preventing erosion and keeping your property safe and sound, no matter where in Madison you call home.


Ready to Revamp Your Madison Space?

So, are you ready to add a little magic to your Madison home with a custom retaining wall? At Western Landscape, we’re all about creating solutions that capture the spirit of Madison – practical, beautiful, and perfectly suited to our local vibe. Give us a shout, and let's chat about how we can make your outdoor space the talk of the town!

We Proudly Service the Madison, Wisconsin Area

Western Landscape proudly offers our lawn care and landscaping services throughout Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas including: Fitchburg, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Oregon, Stoughton, Verona, and everywhere in between.

November 26th, 2023

Expert Patio Landscaping Tips for Madison, WI Homes

As Western Landscape LLC, Madison's premier landscaping and hardscaping company, we are deeply committed to transforming your outdoor spaces into breathtaking extensions of your home. Our expertise lies not only in the aesthetics but also in creating sustainable, functional patios that stand the test of time and climate, particularly for the unique weather patterns and environmental considerations of the Madison area. Here, we provide you with an expansive guide on how to craft the perfect patios in Madison, WI., taking into account the local flora, sustainable practices, and the latest trends in outdoor design.

Expert Patio Landscaping Tips for Madison, WI Homes

Understanding Madison's Climate for Your Patio Design

Madison, Wisconsin, boasts a diverse climate, ranging from warm summers to cold, snowy winters. This variability necessitates the choice of materials and plants that can withstand these extremes. Opting for native plants not only ensures resilience but also supports local wildlife, creating a vibrant outdoor ecosystem right in your backyard. We recommend incorporating Wisconsin native perennials and shrubs that add color and texture to your patio space while requiring minimal upkeep.

Innovative Materials for Durability and Sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of our design philosophy. We advocate for the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly options that reduce your carbon footprint. For patio surfaces, consider permeable pavers that allow water to seep through, reducing runoff and promoting groundwater recharge—a crucial aspect in maintaining the health of Madison's lakes and waterways.

Water Conservation Techniques

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we emphasize efficient water use. A strategically designed irrigation system, such as drip irrigation, minimizes water waste and ensures your plantings receive the hydration they need without excess. Rainwater harvesting systems can also be integrated into your patio design, offering an eco-conscious solution for watering your garden.

Solar Lighting to Enhance Your Patio's Ambiance

Solar lighting is not only an environmentally friendly choice but also a way to create a warm, inviting ambiance for your outdoor space. These lights can highlight key features of your patio and garden while ensuring usability after dusk, perfect for enjoying Madison's serene evenings.

Creating Comfortable and Functional Outdoor Spaces

Your patio should be a haven for relaxation and entertainment. We suggest designing areas that provide both sun and shade, catering to different times of the day and seasons. Pergolas, gazebos, and retractable awnings are excellent for creating shaded retreats during the warmer months. Incorporating outdoor heating options, like fire pits or built-in heaters, extends the usability of your patio into the cooler seasons, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Personalizing Your Patio with Features and Amenities

The ultimate patio experience in Madison involves more than just aesthetics. Functional features such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and water features like fountains or ponds can elevate your outdoor living space, making it the perfect spot for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Why Choose Western Landscape LLC?

At Western Landscape LLC, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of the Madison area's specific landscaping needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your patio not only meets but exceeds your expectations. From the initial design consultation to the final installation, we are dedicated to providing a seamless, stress-free experience.


Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

If you're in the Madison area and dreaming of the perfect patio, Western Landscape LLC is here to turn those dreams into reality. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the leading landscaping and hardscaping company in the region. Contact Western Landscape to schedule a consultation, and let's begin the journey to create an outdoor space that you and your family will cherish for years to come.


Creating the perfect patio in Madison, WI, involves careful consideration of the local climate, sustainability practices, and personal style preferences. Western Landscape is dedicated to providing homeowners with expert guidance and high-quality services to achieve their outdoor living goals. By embracing innovative design solutions and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that your patio is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a sustainable and functional space that enhances your quality of life. Let us help you create the outdoor oasis you've always wanted, right in the heart of Madison.

November 17th, 2023

Madison WI's Expert Snow Management for Industrial Facilities by Western Landscape

As Madison's winters set in, industrial facilities face a unique battle against the elements. Unlike residential properties, these sites present complex challenges due to their size, operational hours, and the intricacies of the terrain. Western Landscape is your local expert in delivering snow removal services that are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of Madison's industrial areas.

Madison, WI's Industrial Snow Removal: Tackling the Winter Challenge with Western Landscape

Strategic Planning for Access and Maneuverability

Maintaining access and maneuverability is critical in the thick of Madison's winter. Industrial sites demand a well-conceived snow removal plan that meticulously prioritizes areas such as entry points, loading zones, and essential internal routes. Western Landscape employs a combination of agile equipment for navigating narrow passages and heavy-duty plows for larger expanses, ensuring that every corner of your facility remains operational.

Seamless Integration with Heavy Machinery Operations

The presence of heavy machinery at industrial sites can pose a significant hurdle for snow removal. Western Landscape's approach involves strategic scheduling, aligning our snow removal operations with your facility's quieter periods to mitigate any impact on your productivity.

Rapid Clearing for Large-Scale Facilities

The expansive nature of industrial properties in Madison calls for rapid and extensive snow clearing. Western Landscape meets this demand with a fleet of high-performance snow removal vehicles and a team trained in efficient clearing patterns, covering vast areas promptly to uphold your operational schedule.

Continuous Operations During Extended Hours and Shift Work

Acknowledging the round-the-clock nature of many Madison industrial operations, Western Landscape offers flexible snow removal schedules. Our teams work in rotation, providing continuous service during extended hours and through snowstorms, ensuring that your facility never misses a beat.

Your Industrial Snow Removal Partner in Madison

For specialized snow removal services that cater to the unique demands of industrial and commercial facilities in Madison, WI, turn to Western Landscape. We're equipped to handle the harshest of winter conditions, offering tailored solutions that keep your operations uninterrupted. Reach out to Western Landscape for a proactive approach to snow management and experience the peace of mind that comes with having Madison's snow removal specialists on your side.

November 8th, 2023

Transform Your Property with Elegant Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are functional structures designed to hold back soil and are an aesthetic and practical addition to any property. They offer many benefits that range from preventing erosion to enhancing the visual appeal of your landscape. Let’s explore how retaining walls can transform your property.


Transform Your Property with Elegant Retaining Walls

Improve Your Lawn

A well-designed retaining wall can significantly improve the appearance and health of your lawn. By managing soil levels and providing structured areas, these walls help in maintaining a cleaner, more defined lawn edge. This not only makes your lawn look more manicured but also makes maintenance easier.


Create Raised Beds

Retaining walls are perfect for creating raised beds in your garden. These elevated areas are not just visually appealing but are also beneficial for gardening. Raised beds improve drainage, reduce soil compaction, and provide better conditions for plant growth. You can grow a variety of plants, from decorative flowers to vegetables, in these structured beds, adding a vibrant touch to your property.


Retaining Walls as Natural Seating

Retaining walls can double as natural seating areas in your landscape. This is especially useful in gardens or around fire pits where additional seating is beneficial. These walls offer a sturdy and permanent solution compared to movable chairs. Moreover, they blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment, enhancing the natural ambiance of your space.


Preventing Erosion

One of the primary functions of retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion. They are essential in areas with uneven terrain or slopes. The walls hold back soil, preventing it from being washed away during heavy rain. This not only protects your property from damage but also maintains the nutrient-rich topsoil necessary for gardening and landscaping.


Contact Western Landscape for Retaining Walls That Truly Complement Your Property

At Western Landscape, we understand the importance of a well-built retaining wall. Our expertise in designing and constructing retaining walls makes sure that your property benefits from the functional aspects and achieves the aesthetic look you want. Contact us to learn how we can help you enhance your property with beautifully designed retaining walls and schedule a consultation.

October 29th, 2023

Everything You Should Know About Snow Removal in Madison, WI

Winter is coming! Do you have a plan in place for removing snow from your property as it piles up? 

Whether it's for your home or your business property, you need a great Madison snow removal service on-call. There are numerous reasons, from safety to convenience, to hire an experienced snow removal crew near you to handle the snow. 

In this blog, we'll go over everything you need to know, like why snow removal is so important, local Madison laws that apply, and what services you should expect when you call for snow removal.

I. Why Hire a Snow Removal Service in Madison?

Everything You Should Know About Snow Removal in Madison, WI

Sure, snow removal is something that you could technically do yourself, but...

1 - It's difficult work

There's a reason most snow removal companies use large industrial snowplows and high-powered blowers. Trying to do snow removal using consumer-grade tools is exhausting, backbreaking work that can go on for hours... and then be undone by more snowfall by the end of the day!

This is one of those jobs where it really is easier to just leave it to the pros.

2 – It may be outside the scope for your employees

Businesses often inadvertently consume their employees’ valuable work time when they require them to engage in snow removal during the winter. Unless these employees were initially hired for groundskeeping purposes, it’s likely they lack formal training in snow removal. Consequently, businesses risk wasting their employees’ time and productivity, potentially leading to accidents on icy surfaces, which can be unfortunately common. 

(Took out legal liability point)

II. Local Madison Regulations

Along with the more general reasons that it's a good idea to hire a Madison snow removal service near you, there are also several regulations specific to Madison that you should keep in mind.

Ensuring access: Private homeowners are responsible for ensuring that snow on their property does not block access to their property, or that of their neighbors.

Curbside parking restrictions: During heavy snowfall, parking on the street is restricted so that municipal snowplows have access to the street. You need your driveway clear so you can park on your property, or else you could be ticketed or even have your car towed.

Clear sidewalks: If you have a public sidewalk running alongside your property, you are responsible for keeping it clear of snow, even if the sidewalk is owned by the city.

Hydrant access: If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, you cannot allow snow or ice on your property to block access to it.

In other words, clearing the snow off your property isn't just a good idea - it's the law! A good snow removal crew in Madison can make it far easier to avoid expensive fines (or worse.)

III. Why Snow Removal in Madison is So Difficult

As mentioned above, removing snow is a difficult task – and Madison offers a lot of specific challenges that can add to your problems. A great snow removal service has the tools and skills to overcome these issues!

Extra heavy snowfall. Even in a good year, snowfall in Madison can be 50 inches or more. That makes for a lot of snow that needs to be relocated!

Unpredictable weather. Snow and ice storms can form quickly, with very little warning, dumping huge amounts in a short time that require fast response.

Narrow streets. Complicating the problem is that many of Madison's streets are extremely narrow. This limits where snow can be relocated to and can create difficulties even when hauling it off.

Numerous regulations. As you may have noticed, Madison has a lot of laws relating to snowfall. This requires diligence to stay within regulations!

Regular homeowners and business owners often have difficulty staying on top of these issues. Experienced professional snow-removers can make it much easier.

IV. What a Great Madison Snow Removal Service Can Do for You

When you do call for snow removal in Madison, what kinds of services can you receive?

1 - Snow plowing services 

Of course, any snow removal service is going to have snowplows capable of quickly clearing out large amounts of snow. This can be an excellent way of regaining access to your property or critical areas at a low cost.

2 - Parking lot snow removal

For businesses, it's critical to ensure that both your employees and your customers/guests have somewhere to park in the winter. A good snow removal service can plow through your parking lot early in the morning before business opens, so you're ready to go.

3 - Shoveling sidewalks and pathways 

Smaller areas like sidewalks and other paved paths also need attention. When necessary, a great snow removal crew can still break out the shovels to ensure the 'detail work' is done, and you can get around your property.

4 - Sanding and ice-removal services

Salt, sand, and other deicers are a must for Madison winters. Clearing snow is only half of the job, if there's a layer of ice beneath. Good snow removal services also offer de-icing so that your property remains safe to walk on.

5 - Contracted snow and ice management

For businesses, it may be best to contract with a Madison snow removal service for regular visits. They can work with you to find an optimal balance between visits and costs, so you can keep working no matter what the weather does.

Western Landscape Keeps Madison Snow-Free

While we're best known for our excellent landscaping services, in the winter we become one of Madison's most trusted snow removal experts. We have the tools and the talent to efficiently remove even huge amounts of snow, protecting your property and ensuring you're fully compliant with local Madison laws.

Contact us to make snow removal easy!

October 19th, 2023

Repairing, Replacing, or Removing Retaining Walls - What You Should Know

Retaining walls (also called retention walls) are a unique form of hardscaping, because they aren't just for decoration. Most of the time, they also provide a very important function: holding back soil and preventing erosion.

So, if you're thinking about making any changes to your Madison retaining walls, make sure you have a carefully thought out plan. The changes shouldn't undo the work the wall is already doing. So, let's briefly talk about some options for your retaining wall.

Repairing, Replacing, or Removing Retaining Walls - What You Should Know

I. Replacing a Retaining Wall in Madison

Retaining walls are under a lot of pressure 24/7 because they're constantly holding back a lot of soil, while also dealing with wind, rain, and other elemental factors. They will wear down over time. Typically, you'll see the wall starting to lean more and more. Or, sometimes, the individual retaining wall bricks will begin to fail, allowing the soil to seep through the wall.

This is when you should start looking into whether it's time to replace the wall. Once it starts leaning at an angle, it's going to be increasingly vulnerable to failure - especially from heavy rains. If that happens, you could have a real mess on your hands.

II. Repairing a Retaining Wall in Madison

Can retaining walls be repaired without replacing them? In many cases, yes, but it's going to be on a case-by-case basis. You'll want to consult with Madison retention wall experts before making any hard decisions.

If your retaining wall is made of brick, and the individual bricks are failing, these can often be replaced. Wooden walls, likewise, are usually segmented so that individual planks can be replaced without too much problem.

However, if the wall is concrete, repairing it will be more difficult depending on how cracked it's become.

III. Removing the Wall

This is something that should only be done with a lot of forethought, and with a plan to handle the landscape without the wall in place.

Now, if you have a short retaining wall that's only a couple of feet high, it's usually not that big a problem. If the wall is removed slowly, the soil can typically be smoothed into a hill which can be sodded. A landscaper removing the wall may also be able to simply haul off extra soil to flatten the landscape. 

For tall walls holding back a lot of soil, removing it may not be a good idea. At least, not unless it's part of a larger plan to completely redo that landscape portion of your property. This is another situation where you need a good landscaping service in Madison to oversee the job.

Western Landscape is Your Local Retention Wall Expert

If you're having issues with your retention walls in Madison, Western Landscape is here to help! We're proudly family-owned, with years of experience serving the Madison area. We offer outstanding landscaping services - including retention wall installation, service, and removal.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

October 9th, 2023

What To Look for In Madison, WI, Landscaping Companies

There are numerous landscape companies in Madison, WI - so how do you know which ones will be able to design the landscape of your dreams?

Landscape upgrades are an amazing investment for your property. They look great and entice you to spend more time outdoors. They're also a huge selling point if you ever decide to sell your house, wowing anyone who comes to visit. 

But that requires finding a great Madison landscaping company. These are some of the biggest 'green flags' you want to see when you're searching for a contractor.

What to Look for in Madison, WI, Landscaping Companies

Four Signs You've Found Great Landscaping in Madison, WI

1 - Excellent communication

You can tell a lot about a company just by calling them up or visiting their offices. Are they enthusiastic about their work? Do you enjoy talking to them about your landscaping ideas? If so, you're off to a great start.

A good landscaper should also have multiple points of contact, or multiple ways of contacting them - i.e., phone, email, Skype, etc. They should always be easy to reach!

2 - Robust pre-visualization options

Today, a great Madison landscaper should be able to show you highly detailed previews of what your new landscape will look like. They can take pictures or videos of your current property and use computer graphics to insert the planned upgrades. This gives you a great idea of what the work will look like.

3 - Strong organization

A major landscaping job is a big project - sometimes bigger than the client realizes. This requires excellent operational organization and management. There should be extensive pre-planning, and you should always have a work supervisor who's assigned to work specifically on your project. Ideally, they should also have ecological consultants thinking about the impact of your work on the local environment or working to make their design eco-friendlier.

When you're calling around, don't be afraid to ask about their organizational structure. A great Madison landscaper will be happy to explain how they keep the project under control.

4 - Reasonable prices 

Landscaping shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, especially if it doesn't involve major changes to the terrain. Always call around to several contractors and get estimates or bids from each. This helps ensure you're being charged a fair price and may even give you leverage in negotiations. 

Madison Trusts Western Landscape

We're a family-owned landscaping service with years of experience serving the Madison area! With options for both landscaping and hardscaping, we can make your property look amazing! We put a strong emphasis on client communication so that we ensure your landscape looks exactly like what you've dreamed of.

Click here to contact us and discuss your ideas!

September 25th, 2023

Best Practices for Watering Your Lawn in Madison, WI

 If you're trying to maintain a lawn in Madison, either for a home or a residential property, we don't have to tell you it's a tricky business. Our weather can have extremes of temperature - sweltering in the summer, freezing in the winter - with some unusual properties to the soil as well. A great Madison lawn care service can help, but it's best to know some basic best practices for maintaining your own lawn.

So, let's dig into the topic and talk about the best ways to water and maintain your Madison lawn. This will help it stay looking great, in between visits from professional lawn care experts.

I. Understanding Wisconsin Soil and Water Properties

Best Practices for Watering Your Lawn in Madison, WI

The amount of water that can be held by a particular kind of soil is called its holding capacity, or field capacity. This actually tends to come in layers, since soil is typically diverse as you move downwards. One layer of soil must reach its holding capacity before significant amounts of water can filter downward to the next layer.

This holding capacity varies depending on the type of soil, as well as how compacted it is. Sandy soil can hold much less water than clay, for example. So, it's important to know the type of soil you have, to gauge how much water to use.

In general, over-watering is less harmful than under-watering, but it can harm the lawn still.

II. Know Your Grass Root Depth

For grass to grow properly, its roots need to have access to nutrient-holding water throughout their length. This is something that's often overlooked, and it's why a person might have weak or withered grass despite frequent watering. If they aren't using enough water for it to penetrate all the way to the bottom of the grass's roots, the grass will still lack enough water.

There are many grass types being used around Wisconsin, but here's a quick guide to the root depth of some of the most common, in order of depth:

Annual bluegrass: 1-4 inches

Creeping bentgrass: 4-18 inches

Colonial bentgrass: 9-18 inches

Kentucky bluegrass: 9-30 inches

If you don't know what type of grass is on your lawn, a Madison lawn care service can quickly identify it for you, as well as investigate your soil type(s). This is vital information, particularly if you have grass with extensive root systems that need a lot of water to thrive.

III. The Impact of Madison's Climate on Watering

Madison's wide range of temperatures creates new problems for watering. Summer can quickly dry out your lawn, while the deep freeze of winter can cause ice to build up underground - especially if there's a surprise snap freeze, which we also see. Frequent wind will also dry out your lawn, although it's possible to use some greenscaping techniques to minimize the effect of wind on your lawn.

If you're in doubt about how dry your lawn is, just test it! This is simple to do, just take a small spade or trowel or similar sharp implement and push it into the ground, then pull it back out. You should be able to see the moisture on the blade, and it will also be easier to push through damp soil. Make sure to test this in several areas of your lawn too. Any sloping effects can concentrate water to a specific area of your yard. 

If the top 3-4 inches are dry, it's certain that your lawn is too dry and it's time to add water.

IV. Other Madison Lawn Care Tips

1 - Water in the morning, or late at night

There's typically more wind in the afternoon and evening, so it's best to water your lawn outside of those times. You should also avoid watering during the middle of the day because you’ll experience more evaporation with the warmer temperature. 

2 - Aerate your lawn once a year

Lawn aeration is the process of scooping small thin chunks of soil out of the lawn, so that it's easier for air, water, and nutrients to make their way to the lower levels of the root system. This is particularly helpful if you have dense soil, such as clay, which resists proper water penetration.

This solves runoff problems, as well as ensuring your lawn grows lush and green every year.

3 - Pay attention to your lawn quality

Your grass will tell you if it needs water! As grass dehydrates, first it becomes less resilient - it won't spring back up after you walk on it. Over time, the grass's color will also fade from a vibrant green to duller greens, yellows, and browns. Once it becomes brown, it's nearly dead.

Western Landscape Can Maintain Your Madison Lawn

If you're having difficulty keeping your Madison lawn happy and healthy, Western Landscape can help! We have years of experience helping homes and businesses keep their lawns looking amazing, with a variety of lawn care, aeration, planting, and green-scaping services.

Whether you just need regular lawn maintenance, or you're looking to reshape your lawn into something amazing, Western Landscape can make it happen. Contact us to learn more!

September 18th, 2023

The Benefits of Hiring a Madison, WI, Snow Removal Service

One of the biggest threats to businesses in Madison is the amount of snow our state typically gets every winter. Snow can pile up quickly, and that's a big problem for anyone managing a business or residential property. It blocks up your avenues of traffic, inconveniences visitors and locals, and creates liability headaches.

That's why it's truly best to hire a Madison snow removal service to handle snow cleanup. Professionals can do a faster job, and at reasonable rates. There's really no downside.

The Benefits of Hiring a Madison, WI, Snow Removal Service

Let A Professional Madison Snow Cleanup Company Handle Your Snow Drifts

Fast cleanup with dedicated machinery

Trying to manually clean up snow, even on a small property, can require hours of backbreaking labor. Even small residential snowblowers won't speed it up by much. On the other hand, a professional snow removal company has dedicated snowplows and scoopers who can do the job in a fraction of the time. This means far less inconvenience, and a lesser chance for someone to accidentally slip and fall.

Cost-effective spending

Because manual snow removal is so difficult, it's typically cheaper in the long run to hire a service to handle the cleanup. Sure, your employees could do it - but that's all they'll be doing for most of the day, and who's doing everything else in the meantime? Plus having your business blocked off by snow for hours could put a dent in your traffic.

Reduce legal liabilities

For property managers, in particular, the biggest benefit to professional snow removal is that it will significantly reduce any potential slip-and-fall liabilities. Pros will always do an excellent job, as well as being proof that you're engaging in best practices to protect your workers and residents. Plus, liability aside, nobody wants accidents occurring on their property. Fast, effective, professional snow cleanup keeps everyone safe, and there's no putting a price on that.

Snow Removal & More

In the winter, Western Landscape becomes your go-to source for excellent and affordable snow and ice removal services in Madison, WI. Don't let yourself get snowed in! Contact us whenever you need your property cleaned up.

September 11th, 2023

The Overlooked Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Madison, WI

Whether you're maintaining a lawn for your own home in the Madison, WI area or for a residential property, one of the best practices is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration - combined with overseeding - can produce amazingly lush green lawns that people love. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this practice, even though they should.

So, let's talk about lawn aeration and why it's worth doing once a year, in the fall.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

In short, lawn aeration involves the removal of small thin sections of soil and thatch throughout your lawn. These are typically around an inch or so across, and a few inches deep, down to approximately the bottom of the roots of your grass. 

Opening these holes up allows for much more air, water, and nutrients to make their way down to the root system of your lawn. This allows the grass to grow in extremely healthy conditions. This can be combined with overseeding - spreading seeds on top of the lawn and into the aeration holes, to encourage thicker lawn growth.

For lawns that look patchy and have thin spots scattered around, lawn aeration and overseeding in Madison can reinvigorate the lawn!

Aeration Brings Numerous Benefits

This is a true whole-lawn health solution which improves the quality of your lawn in numerous ways.

The Overlooked Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Madison, WI

1. Richer, thicker grass

Because your grass has easy access to air, water, and nutrients, it's going to be much healthier than grass growing in depleted soil. The overseeding process also helps replace grass which has withered and died, revitalizing your lawn in one stroke.

2. Reducing soil compaction

If your grassy areas see a lot of foot traffic - such as green spaces in residential communities – that results in soil compaction which is bad for the grass. The aeration process relieves some of this compaction, making the soil looser. This, in turn, makes it easier for your grass roots to find their way through the soil.

3. Reducing thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead plant matter, mixed with living roots and shoots, which can build up around the soil's surface. A small amount of thatch can be healthy and contribute needed nutrients to the soil, but too much can begin to choke your lawn out. Aeration removes and breaks up much of the thatch, preventing this.

4. Promoting new growth

Finally, the aeration and overseeding process helps add new growth to your lawn, which removes some of the stress on your existing grass. New seeds have a better chance to take hold and grow, resulting in a far more green and lush lawn once they grow in the spring.

Western Landscape

Western Landscape provides affordable lawn aeration and overseeding services in Madison, WI, and the surrounding area. Fall is the perfect time to aerate, so contact us for an appointment!

September 5th, 2023

7 Benefits of Hiring Snow Removal Services this Winter


As the cold months approach and snow spells are on the horizon, the need for reliable snow removal services becomes important. Whether it's your home's driveway or your business's parking lot, having a clear and safe passage is essential. Here, our team at Western Landscape the benefits of hiring professional services!

7 Benefits of Hiring Snow Removal Services this Winter

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Snow Removal Services

Reliable and Timely Service

Professional snow removal services have the equipment, manpower, and experience needed to clear your property promptly. They monitor weather forecasts closely and are ready to tackle the snow as soon as it falls. This means you won't have to worry about waking up to a snowy driveway or icy walkway, as they'll be on top of it.

Safety First

Safety always comes first at Western Landscape! Snow and ice can create hazardous conditions that increase the risk of slips, falls, and accidents. Hiring our professionals ensures that your property is properly cleaned and treated to prevent these risks. They have the right tools and techniques to remove snow without damaging surface.

Proper Equipment

Removing heavy snow requires specialized equipment like plows, snow blowers, and shovels. Professional snow removal services come equipped with these tools, making quick work of even the heaviest snowfalls. You won’t have to worry about investing in expensive equipment you may only use a handful of times a year.

Saves You Time and Effort

Shoveling snow can be physically demanding and time-consuming. Hiring professionals frees up your time and energy for other tasks or simply lets you enjoy a cozy day inside your warm home. You won't have to brave the cold and spend hours shoveling when you have experts who do it all the time to take care of it.

Prevents Damage

Improper snow removal techniques can lead to damage to your property. Professionals know how to clear snow without harming your landscaping, driveway, or walkways. Their expertise ensures that your property remains in good condition throughout the winter and looks good as new come spring!

Customized Solutions

Different properties have different needs when it comes to snow removal. At Western Landscape, we tailor our approach to your specific property, considering factors like size, layout, and specific areas that need extra attention. Our personalized approach ensures effective snow removal while minimizing any damage or disruption to your property.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your property is in the hands of skilled professionals can provide you with peace of mind during the winter months. You won't have to stress about snow piling up or the safety of your family and visitors. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the winter season without worrying about snow-related challenges.

How Snow Removal Services are Done with Western Landscape

Here at Western Landscape, we have a unique way of doing snow removal. Instead of using plows that might harm your concrete, we go for snowblowers. These are gentler on your surfaces. Plus, they leave your driveway looking much cleaner after each snowfall.

We're all about letting you have more fun and less work! So, feel free to have a snowball fight, build snowmen, make snow angels – enjoy your snowy yard. Leave the shoveling to us!

Get Snow Removal Services with Western Landscape this Winter!

Let our experts take care of the snow on your property so you can enjoy the winter season with friends and family! With professional equipment and plenty of experience getting the job done right, Western Landscape provides seamless snow removal services. Contact us today to learn more about commercial and residential services!

August 30th, 2023

3 Things to Avoid When Overseeding and Aerating


Taking care of your lawn means doing a couple of important things every year. One is called "aerating," which means making tiny holes in the ground. This helps air, water, and plant food reach the roots better. The other is "overseeding," which means putting down new seeds and making small ditches in the dirt for them, allowing for better seed growth.

3 Things to Avoid When Overseeding and Aerating

But here's the question: How do you figure out what tools to use, when to do these jobs, and how to mow your lawn afterward? Western Landscape talks about three common mistakes that you should avoid when you're overseeding and aerating your lawn.

1.     Mowing Your Lawn Too Soon

When you plant seeds to grow new grass in your lawn, they need some time to get used to their new home and start growing strong roots. Think of it like letting a new plant settle into a pot before moving it around.

After you've spread the seeds and helped them settle into the soil, it's important to give them a chance to grow before you start cutting them. This growing time usually lasts from two to four weeks after you've put the seeds in the ground and added some extra soil on top. But remember, this timing can change depending on where you live and the kind of grass you're growing.

If you're not sure when to start using your lawnmower on your new grass, it's better to wait a bit longer. Let those new grass plants get a good start before you give them a trim!

2.     The Wrong Equipment

For the nicest lawn results, try using a special tool called a core aerator. This tool takes out small pieces of grass and dirt from your lawn. When you're picking a tool for this job, look for one that takes out pieces of soil that are around two to three inches deep and about half to three-quarters of an inch wide. These holes should be about two to three inches apart from each other.

When you hire our team at Western Landscape to get the job done, we have machines that do this, and our teams know exactly how to use them. This way, your lawn gets the best care possible.

3.     Aerating During the Wrong Season

When the weather turns cooler, it's like a green light for your lawn to grow well. This is the best time to fix any problems caused by the hot summer. By using a special tool to make holes in the ground and planting new seeds in the fall, you're not only getting your lawn ready for winter, but you're also making sure it's all set to look great in the spring.

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August 24th, 2023

The Advantages of Seeding and Sodding Your Lawn


When you're starting a new lawn, a question people often ask is, "Should I plant seeds or sod my lawn?" The answer to this question can vary for each person because it depends on where you live and how much time and money you're willing to put in. To help you battle the confusion, Western Landscape has put together a list of advantages for both seeding and sodding so that you can make the best choice for what your lawn needs.

The Advantages of Seeding and Sodding Your Lawn

Seeding Advantages

More Types of Grass to Choose From

When you're thinking about how you want your lawn to look, seeding gives you a bunch of options. You can pick from different types of grass that suit your area and your preferences. It's like choosing what color shirt to wear – you have choices!

Stronger Roots

Think about how a tree's roots help it stay strong and upright. Grass roots work in a similar way. When you seed your lawn, the new grass starts growing from the ground up, and the roots grow down deep into the soil. This makes your lawn tougher and better at handling different weather conditions.

No Thatch Layer

Picture a cozy blanket of old grass and debris on top of your lawn. This is called "thatch." When you seed your lawn, you don't have to worry about this blanket forming. Thatch can sometimes hide problems like diseases or pesky insects. When you seed, you're starting fresh, so there's no hidden layer causing trouble.

Sodding Advantages

Instant Satisfaction

Sodding gets you instant results and satisfaction for your lawn. Instead of waiting for seeds to grow, you get a full, lush lawn right away. You won’t have to wait for the grass seeds to grow into mature plants and for the grass to fully set in your lawn.

Fewer Weeds at First

When you sod your lawn, it's like giving the grass a head start against weeds. Sodding comes with mature grass, so it's hard for weeds to squeeze in. This means you'll have a nicer-looking lawn without those pesky plants popping up everywhere.

Anytime Planting

Have you ever missed a friend's birthday but still gave them a gift later? Sodding can be a bit like that. You can put it down on your lawn anytime during the year when the grass is growing. This gives you flexibility and convenience.

No More Mud and Erosion

Imagine you're building a sandcastle and waves keep washing it away. That's a bit like soil erosion on your lawn. Sodding can help with this problem. When you sod your lawn, it helps keep the soil in place, especially on slopes. Plus, you won't have to deal with muddy messes while waiting for new grass to grow.

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August 20th, 2023

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall for Your Property

There are many different styles of retaining walls out there, from custom-made solutions to ones that employ everything from natural stone to concrete. But not every type or material will be the perfect fit for your property, so how do you find the best one?

Here the landscaping and hardscaping professionals from Western Landscape have collected some important facts to consider.

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall for Your Property

What Exactly is a Retaining Wall?


A retaining wall’s main purpose is to prevent erosion by restraining your soil. It’s most often used where there is a steeper slope on properties and once installed, creates two different levels. It can be not only a practical landscaping tool but also one of beauty, adding extra aesthetic appeal due to the wide variety of sizes, styles, methods, and materials that can be employed.  


Retaining walls have become more popular in recent years, especially in urban areas, and now there is more variety than ever before, in addition to unique construction methods and an abundance of natural materials that offer seamless integration into your landscape.


3 Benefits of Retaining Walls


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, retaining walls are also:


·        Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable products like wood, stone, concrete, and more, retaining walls are eco-friendly. Additionally, natural vegetation remains undisturbed during the installation process.


·         Efficient: Although efficiency might not jump directly to mind when thinking of a wall built to retain soil, they’re designed to withstand tons of weight. If properly designed and installed, a high-quality retaining wall will hold back water, earth, and other encroaching elements for decades at a minimum.


·         Durable: With the minimal maintenance and construction required for retaining walls, they can be surprisingly durable and require little to no upkeep. This means a great return on your investment.


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If you want a custom retaining wall or a more traditional one, our hardscaping experts can easily meet your needs. Our team will sit down with you to discuss your vision and expectations for the project so we can do it to your satisfaction.


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August 10th, 2023

The Differences Between Hardscaping & Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you’ll often hear the word hardscaping thrown into the mix when discussing the details of your landscaping maintenance plans or any upgrades. However, if you’re unsure as to precisely how hardscaping services differ from traditional landscaping services, the team from Western Landscape has collected this helpful guide here.

The Differences Between Hardscaping & Landscaping

What is Hardscaping?

Much like it sounds, hardscaping deals with the addition of hard materials to your landscape to increase its aesthetics or create a more functional, usable space. It can often include the installation of rock sculptures, rock walls, stylized retaining walls for gardens, patios, walkways, and more. It is frequently used as a landscaping option that doesn’t include plants.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping has to do with everything that grows including trees, flowers, shrubs, and more. A professional landscaping company will offer services to increase your property’s aesthetic beauty or add shade. It can also be used to boost residential and commercial property value and provides a variety of environmental benefits such as increasing oxygen, reducing greenhouse gasses, and absorbing carbon dioxide. 

How is Landscaping & Hardscaping Combined in a Landscaping Plan?

There can be many hardscaping/landscaping combinations that offer different benefits for properties. For example, in an urban environment, a landscaping plan might include more hardscaping fixtures and fewer landscaping ones to provide a more functional layout and access to a property. Other areas with more usable land will usually be more focused on planting trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

The PROs of Landscaping

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, landscaping offers advantages like:

  • Improving water retention and preventing drought conditions
  • Attracting local wildlife, like colorful birds and insects throughout the year
  • Providing food sources for local wildlife
  • Making your property feel more welcoming

The PROs of Hardscaping

Some of the foremost advantages of hardscaping features include:

  • Making your property more accessible to everyone that visits it including those with mobility issues
  • The need for less maintenance 
  • Reducing mud, dirt, and other messy conditions throughout the year

Contact our team for more about hardscaping services today!

If you’re in need of hardscaping or landscaping services, you can rely on Western Landscape. We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving the community for nearly a decade and has developed a reputation for quality services and great customer care.

We also specialize in lawn care, seeding/sodding, spring and fall cleanups, snow removal, and much more. Western Landscape is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with all our clients and we take the utmost pride in our work, regardless of the size or scope.

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June 23rd, 2023

Overcoming Landscaping Challenges with Professional Landscapers


Landscaping can be a rewarding venture, the transformation of an ordinary piece of land into a scenic masterpiece provides an undeniable sense of accomplishment. However, it is not always as straightforward as it seems. From choosing the right plants to deciding on the perfect layout, landscaping involves many intricate aspects. Tackling these challenges alone can be overwhelming. This is where professional landscapers in Madison step in to ease the process. They bring their expertise and experience to transform your property into an outdoor paradise.

Overcoming Landscaping Challenges with Professional Landscapers

It is Time Consuming

One of the most significant challenges of landscaping is the amount of time it demands. Creating an aesthetic landscape is not an overnight affair; it involves detailed planning and implementation. It's a series of tasks that includes soil preparation, planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, and much more. Even the maintenance after the project demands a substantial amount of time.

Professional landscapers take over these time-consuming tasks, allowing homeowners to sit back and watch their yard transform. They plan the work according to a schedule that aligns with the seasons, making sure that every element of the landscape is cared for at the right time. They use efficient techniques and equipment that allow them to perform tasks quicker and more effectively, saving you valuable time.


It's Difficult to Come Up with Ideas

Crafting a cohesive, attractive landscape design requires creativity and expertise. This is especially challenging when homeowners are unsure about what they want or how to achieve it. Knowing which plants will thrive in your yard, what layout will best utilize the space, or how to create a balance of colors and textures is not easy.

This is another area where professional landscapers excel. They have extensive knowledge about various plants, their growth habits, and requirements. They can guide you through selecting the right plants that will thrive in your specific soil and climate. Additionally, they bring a wealth of design ideas from their experience working on various projects. Whether you want a tranquil garden or a lively entertainment space, professional landscapers can bring your vision to life with a design that suits your preferences and complements your home's architecture.


Professional Care for Plants and Grass

Maintaining the health and beauty of plants and grass is a significant challenge in landscaping. It involves understanding the specific needs of each plant, the right watering schedule, the correct pruning techniques, and the best fertilizers. Grass, too, requires proper care for it to stay lush and green. A lack of knowledge and experience can lead to under or overwatering, improper pruning, or a lack of essential nutrients, causing your plants to suffer or die.


Professional landscapers have trained teams that know how to care for various plants and grass types. They can recognize any signs of disease or pests and take immediate action to resolve the issue. They will ensure that your landscape stays green, healthy, and lush throughout the year by adopting the right care methods, watering schedules, and fertilization techniques.


The Brutal Physical Work of Landscaping

Landscaping isn't only an artistic and intellectual pursuit—it also demands physical strength and endurance. From the onset, tasks such as digging, planting, and soil preparation are involved. These not only require bending, kneeling, and heavy lifting, but also a comprehensive understanding of soil and plant requirements to foster optimal growing conditions.


Landscaping also includes hardscaping, which refers to incorporating non-living elements like patios and retaining walls into your outdoor space. Constructing these features demands laborious work, involving the lifting and careful placement of heavy materials like stones, bricks, or concrete. These tasks necessitate precision and expertise to ensure that structures are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.


All of these activities call for reach, agility, the use of heavy equipment, and often a considerable time investment, especially during the growing season. Additionally, clearing debris such as fallen leaves and branches that accumulate due to storms or seasonal changes adds to the physically exhausting nature of the job.


With professional landscapers like ours at Western Landscape, you’re not just leveraging our expertise—you’re also outsourcing the difficult labor that accompanies landscaping.


The Most Common Planting and Maintenance Pitfalls

Overwatering and underwatering

One of the most common mistakes is improper watering. Overwatering can lead to root rot and the growth of mold and fungi. Underwatering, on the other hand, can lead to wilting and the eventual death of the plant.


Wrong planting zone

Another common mistake is planting species not suitable for your climate or hardiness zone. It's crucial to research the plants' requirements before purchasing. For example, Madison, Wisconsin is in the USDA Hardiness Zone 5a, meaning your landscapers need to select the right species.


Ignoring soil quality

The soil is the heart of any landscape. Planting without testing and amending the soil can result in poor plant growth or death.

Lack of pruning

Regular pruning helps maintain the health and appearance of your plants. Neglecting this can lead to overgrowth, disease, and even structural problems.


Plant crowding

Overcrowding can lead to competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. This can stress the plants, making them more susceptible to disease and pests.


What to Consider When Choosing a Landscaper in Madison

Experience: The years of experience and the portfolio of completed projects can give you an idea of the quality of work a landscaper provides.

Certification and licensing: A certified and licensed landscaper adheres to industry standards and regulations, assuring you of their professional competence.

Insurance: Make sure the landscaper is insured to protect yourself from any liability in case of an accident during the project.

Reviews and recommendations: Look at reviews online or ask for recommendations from friends and family to gauge customer satisfaction.

Services offered: Confirm that the landscaper offers the specific services you need, be it design, installation, or maintenance.


Schedule a Consultation with Western Landscape to Get Professional Landscapers in Madison

Don't let the challenges of landscaping deter you from having the garden of your dreams. At Western Landscape, we have a team of experienced, licensed, and certified professional landscapers in Madison ready to help you overcome these challenges. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, needs, and budget to provide a custom landscaping solution that transforms your outdoor space.

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June 16th, 2023

Finding the Best Landscape Service for Your Home in the Madison Area


Finding the right landscape service can seem difficult, especially when there are so many options. However, choosing a service that caters to your exact needs can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. Whether you need regular maintenance or a complete makeover, here is a systematic approach to finding the best landscape service near you.

Finding the Best Landscape Service for Your Home in the Madison Area

Start with Online Research

The process of finding the best landscape service starts with a thorough online research. Take advantage of search engines, online directories, and social media platforms to find landscape companies in your area. Read reviews on p

latforms like Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List to see what previous customers have to say about their experience with different companies. Pay attention to the overall ratings, but also delve into the details of the reviews, looking for information about timeliness, professionalism, quality of work, and how issues were handled.


Check Service Offerings

Not all landscape services are the same. Some might specialize in maintenance tasks like mowing and trimming, while others could excel in design and renovation projects. Ensure that the companies you're considering offer the specific services you need. This could range from landscape design, installation, and maintenance to more specialized services like irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, or tree care.


Make a List of the Top Companies

After conducting your initial research for landscaping services in the Madison area and checking service offerings, you should have a better idea of the landscape companies that seem most promising. Make a list of these top companies to further investigate. Consider factors such as their years of experience, certifications, and the size of the team.


Look for Referrals and References

Once you have your shortlist, reach out to your network. Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they have any experience with the companies you're considering. Word-of-mouth referrals can be a rich source of information. Additionally, contact the companies directly and ask for references. Any reputable landscape service should be more than willing to provide references from previous clients.


Check Their Portfolio of Work

An important step in the selection process is reviewing each company’s portfolio of work. This should showcase their capability and give you an idea of the type and quality of work they deliver. Look at before-and-after photos, pay attention to the creativity of designs, the attention to detail, and the diversity of projects. The portfolio can also help you understand if the company’s aesthetic aligns with your personal style and vision for your outdoor space.


Contact Western Landscape to Schedule a Consultation with a Landscape Service Near You

If you’re ready to work with the best landscape service near you, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Western Landscape. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive industry experience, and a broad range of services, we have a proven track record in delivering high-quality landscape solutions in the Madison area. Get in touch today and let’s discuss your landscaping needs.


June 10th, 2023

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas in Madison

Finding a landscape design that is low in maintenance, while still being visually appealing, can be a challenging task. This is especially true in a place like Madison, where the climate fluctuates significantly throughout the year. Luckily, by applying some simple concepts and techniques with professional landscaping in Madison, you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape design, keeping it attractive and sustainable year round.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas in Madison

Start with the Right Plant Choices and Structure

The foundation of any low-maintenance landscape is the right choice of plants and structure. In Madison, where temperatures can vary from freezing in winter to quite warm in summer, it's essential to choose plants that are hardy and adaptable to these conditions.

Perennial plants are a great choice. Not only do they return year after year, but they also require less maintenance than annuals, which need to be replanted each year. Structural elements like trees and shrubs can add both aesthetic and practical value, offering shade during the warmer months and creating a protective barrier in the colder seasons.

Replace Slopes with Retaining Walls

Slopes can be a nightmare to maintain, especially when it comes to mowing and watering. Replacing slopes with retaining walls can help simplify maintenance while adding structure and interest to your landscape design.

Retaining walls can hold back soil that would otherwise erode, preventing any damage to your garden or property. Additionally, they can be used to create terraced gardens, providing more planting opportunities and an appealing aesthetic.

Water Conservation

Low-maintenance landscaping is also about conserving resources. Water conservation is a significant part of this, especially during the drier summer months in Madison. Incorporating drought-tolerant plants, installing a drip irrigation system, and utilizing mulch can all contribute to significant water savings. By reducing your water usage, not only are you saving money, but you're also helping preserve the environment.

The Importance of Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low-maintenance landscaping goes beyond ease of care. It's about creating a sustainable, eco-friendly environment that enhances your outdoor living space without placing undue strain on natural resources. It promotes biodiversity, reduces water usage, and can even increase your property value. Plus, it leaves you with more time to enjoy your garden, rather than spending countless hours maintaining it.

Native Plants and Drought-Tolerant Species

Incorporating native plants into your landscape design is key to reducing maintenance. Native plants are adapted to local climate and soil conditions, meaning they generally require less care than non-native species. They are also more resistant to local pests and diseases, reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

Drought-tolerant species are especially useful for low-maintenance landscaping in Madison. These plants can withstand periods of low rainfall and high temperatures, reducing the need for frequent watering. They also add a unique aesthetic to your garden, providing variety in texture, color, and form.

Schedule a Consultation with Western Landscape for Landscaping in Madison

If you're ready to transform your Madison landscape into a low-maintenance, eco-friendly oasis, Western Landscape is here to help. Our team of experienced landscape designers understands the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Madison's climate. We'll work with you to create a design that suits your style, needs, and budget while prioritizing sustainability and low-maintenance care.

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May 26th, 2023

Some of the Best Tips for Cost-Effective Lawn Care

Maintaining a beautifully lush and healthy lawn can be a great source of pride for homeowners. It can significantly enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and even increase its value. However, lawn care, especially lawn mowing, can often prove to be a pricey proposition.

Fortunately, with a few smart strategies, it's possible to minimize these costs and still maintain a vibrant and attractive lawn. Here are some easy ways to save money on lawn mowing and care, with the help of a lawn mowing service.

Some of the Best Tips for Cost-Effective Lawn Care

Using Fertilizer Only When It's Needed

Contrary to popular belief, more is not always better when it comes to lawn fertilizer. Over-fertilizing can harm your grass, leading to excessive growth that requires more frequent mowing, and also put a dent in your pocket.

To reduce costs, try applying fertilizer only when it's needed. A soil test can provide detailed information on what nutrients your lawn actually needs, helping you customize your fertilizer routine and thereby reducing waste. Remember, a healthy lawn will naturally grow at a manageable pace, reducing the need for frequent mowing.


Composting is an economical and environmentally friendly way to enhance your lawn's health and save on fertilizer costs. Kitchen waste like coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, and eggshells can all be composted and used to nourish your lawn. Not only does this reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill, but it also provides your grass with essential nutrients.

Over time, regular composting can improve soil structure, making it easier for your lawn to retain water and nutrients. This can reduce the need for costly and time-consuming watering and fertilizing routines.

Watering Lawns When They Need It

Many people tend to overwater their lawns, leading to excessive growth and consequently more mowing. This not only wastes water but also increases your water bills.

The key is to water your lawn only when it needs it. Most lawns require about one inch of water per week, including rainfall. Early morning is the best time to water your lawn as it reduces evaporation, ensuring that the water is absorbed by the soil and reaches the grass roots.

Aerating the Soil

Soil compaction can stifle your lawn, making it more susceptible to diseases, pests, and stress like heat and drought. A lawn struggling with compacted soil will require more care and maintenance, thereby increasing costs.

Aeration, which involves perforating the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots, is a great way to alleviate soil compaction. While you can hire a professional to do this, it's also something that you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost with a manual or mechanical aerator.

Choosing the Right Grass

A critical part of cost-effective lawn care is choosing the right grass for your climate, soil, and light conditions. Some grasses require more water, more sunlight, or more fertilization than others, so choosing a variety that's well-suited to your environment can save you a lot of money and effort in the long run.

Don't Cut it Short

When it comes to mowing your lawn, it's crucial to remember that shorter isn't always better. While it might seem like a good idea to cut your grass really short to lengthen the time between mowing, doing so can actually be detrimental to your lawn's health.

When grass is cut too short, it reduces the plant's ability to produce energy for growth, which can result in a less healthy and more maintenance-intensive lawn. As a rule of thumb, never cut more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. This approach will encourage a lush, healthy lawn that can resist pests and diseases, thus reducing the need for expensive treatments.

Don't Spend Too Much on Lawn Care Tools

Investing in high-quality, necessary tools is essential, but it's also important not to overspend on equipment that you don't really need. For example, a decent quality, reliable lawn mower is a must-have, but investing in an ultra-expensive model with features that you won't use probably isn’t the best idea.

Also, consider sharing or borrowing tools like aerators or dethatchers that you only use once or twice a year. Many communities have tool-sharing programs, or you could simply arrange this informally with neighbors.

Schedule a Consultation with Western Landscape for Lawn Mowing Service in Madison, WI

If you're in Madison, WI, or the surrounding areas and looking for professional help with your lawn care in Madison, consider scheduling a consultation with Western Landscape. With our expert knowledge and experience, we can help ensure that your lawn is beautiful and healthy while saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more. 

May 20th, 2023

All About Lawn Aeration and When Your Lawn Might Need It


Have you ever relished the incredible feeling of post-facial skin? The sensation of cleanliness, freshness, and silky smoothness? Well, aeration works its wonders just like a facial for your yard. By aerating your lawn, you're effectively combating soil compaction, allowing those struggling roots to finally receive the nutrients they crave. It's the secret to fostering long and robust root growth, resulting in a healthier, lusher expanse of vibrant green grass.

Here, Western Landscape uncovers the ins and outs of lawn aeration, guiding you through the signs that indicate your lawn is ready for this remarkable makeover. Get ready to witness the remarkable benefits and gain the knowledge to transform your yard into a picture-perfect oasis of beauty. If you need lawn aeration in Madison, WI, be sure to reach out to us for a seamless job!

Hardscaping Services: What You Need to Know

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration, or aerification is like giving your yard a dose of oxygen, water, and nutrients. It's all about punching small holes in your lawn with professional tools.

Lawn aeration does wonders for your grass. It helps loosen up compacted soil, stops thatch from going overboard, and gives roots the space they need to dive deep and grow like crazy. If you want your grass to stay healthy, lush, and vibrant, regular aeration is the way to go.

Why is Soil Compaction Bad?

Compacted soil is like a stubborn wall that blocks water and nutrients from reaching your plant's roots. The thing is, roots need all the nutrients to grow. When soil gets all compacted, it cramps the style of grass. They end up growing wonky and shallow, which is definitely not their best look. Over time, the grass loses its vibrant color, gets sick, starts thinning out, and will eventually die. Here are a few reasons why soil might get compacted:


       Heavy foot traffic

       Pets and children playing

       Extreme weather events

Soil compaction can be very harmful to your lawn and garden if it hasn't had the attention it needs. Soil compaction can cause:

       Rainwater Puddles and Ponding

When soil becomes tightly packed, it creates a barrier that rainwater can't penetrate easily. So instead of gracefully soaking into the ground, the rainwater collects and pools in the lowest areas of your lawn, forming those bothersome puddles that refuse to disappear. This can be especially tough during the spring and fall seasons. It's like your lawn has turned into a water playground, and you're left with the headache of dealing with soggy patches.

       Erosion and Water Runoff

When your soil is tightly packed, stormwater becomes a notorious troublemaker. It effortlessly picks up all sorts of gunk like sediment, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides from your lawn. With water unable to drain into the compacted soil, it takes a direct detour into our waterways. Unfortunately, this wreaks havoc on our environment and the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems. It adds stress to our surroundings and harms the precious creatures that call water their home.

       Lawn Diseases

When nutrients are in short supply and roots are under stress, they become prime targets for these unwelcome ailments. when roots don't have access to the essential nutrients they need, it's like they're left defenseless and weakened.

How to Tell Your Lawn May Need Aeration

       Your lawn surface becomes sponge-like and easily dries out.

       The soil feels hard and compacted to the touch.

       Grass begins to thin out or shows signs of diseases like brown patches.

       Improper drainage during rainstorms, resulting in water pooling and forming puddles on the surface.

       If your lawn was established with sod over compacted soil without proper mixing, roots struggle to grow into the underlying ground. Lawn aeration helps break up layering and promotes root growth by blending the soils.

       Newly built houses may experience soil compaction due to construction activities, which can strip away topsoil and compress the underlying layer.

       Your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic or serves as a sports area.

       Regular playtime of kids and pets in the yard can contribute to soil compaction and related issues.

How Lawn Aeration Can Benefit Your Yard

            Better Grass Health

Lawn aeration works wonders for your yard by allowing for lush, healthy grass. Aeration improves air circulation, water absorption, and nutrient penetration to the grassroots. This process relieves soil compaction, encourages deeper root growth, and reduces thatch buildup. The result is a revitalized lawn with improved grass health, great color, and increased resilience to environmental stresses.

            Minimizes Runoff

Lawn aeration is beneficial because it minimizes runoff. Aeration allows water to penetrate the ground instead of running off the surface by loosening compacted soil. This means better water absorption, reduced erosion, and a healthier, more sustainable yard.

            Reduces Fertilizer Needs

Reduced Fertilizer Demands: Grasses in compacted soil often suffer from nitrogen and potassium deficiencies, requiring extra fertilizer. Aeration comes to the rescue by facilitating natural nutrient uptake, enabling grasses to obtain the vital nourishment they require. Let aeration nurture your lawn's nutrient balance.

            Increases Beneficial Organisms

Earthworms, soil insects, aerobic bacteria, and fungi thrive in soil that's full of pores and rich in oxygen. When your soil undergoes aeration, these helpful organisms make a comeback, working their magic to maintain soil health and balance. Create a welcoming habitat for these natural allies and watch your soil flourish.

Get Lawn Aeration in Madison, WI!

At Western Landscape, our top priority is the customer. We take pride in being a landscaping company that provides seamless work that satisfies our customers. If you think your lawn may benefit from lawn aeration, give us a call today and we’ll work with you to develop a maintenance plan. And if you’re unsure, you can always reach out to us and ask us for advice on the best lawn care services for your yard. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

May 19th, 2023

Autumn Lawn Care: Tips & Tricks

Autumn is a beautiful season, rich with vibrant colors and a pleasant chill in the air. However, it's also a critical time for lawn care. The work you do in the fall prepares your grass for the rigors of winter and can significantly influence the health and appearance of your lawn in the spring. From leaf management to lawn mowing service, soil health checks to aeration, your lawn needs your attention during this transitional period.

Autumn Lawn Care: Tips & Tricks

Clearing the Leaves

When the trees around your property begin to shed their leaves, your lawn can quickly become smothered under a blanket of foliage. While the sight might be beautiful, these leaves can block sunlight, trap moisture, and become a breeding ground for diseases. Therefore, it's important to rake your lawn regularly or use a leaf blower to clear the leaves. You can use these leaves as compost for your garden or dispose of them according to your local regulations.

Mowing Lawns in Autumn

Mowing the lawn in autumn requires a different approach than in the summertime. As the growing season slows, it's recommended to gradually lower the cutting base of your lawn mower each time you mow. By the end of the fall, you should be cutting the grass to a height of about 1 to 1.5 inches. Shorter grass helps prevent snow mold and other diseases from taking hold during the winter months.

Nutrition for Lawns

Autumn is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn. As grass roots take a deep dive into the soil, providing them with the right nutrients can stimulate growth and boost your lawn's strength to endure the winter. Look for a high-quality, slow-release granular fertilizer that can feed your lawn with all the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive.

Shade is the Enemy of Grass

As the days grow shorter and the sunlight diminishes, it’s important to ensure your lawn receives as much sunlight as possible. This might mean pruning your trees to reduce the amount of shade they cast on your lawn, as grass needs ample sunlight to store energy for the coming winter.

Let it Breathe with Aeration

Over the summer months, your lawn may have become compacted, particularly in high-traffic areas. Compacted soil prevents grass roots from expanding and restricts the flow of water, air, and nutrients. Aeration — the process of punching small holes in the lawn — can relieve this compaction. This allows your lawn to breathe, promotes root growth, and helps nutrients from fertilizers to penetrate the soil more efficiently.

Check the Soil Health

Before the winter sets in, it's a good idea to test your soil's pH and nutrient levels. If the soil is too acidic or alkaline, it can hinder the growth of your grass. You can add lime to raise the pH level (making it more alkaline) or add sulfur to lower it (making it more acidic). For nutrient deficiencies, you may need to add specific types of fertilizer to your lawn.

Contact Western Landscape for Lawn Mowing Service in Madison, WI

If you live in Madison, WI, and are feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of autumn lawn care, Western Landscape is here to help. With experienced and dedicated professionals, we can handle all aspects of lawn maintenance, including mowing, aeration, leaf removal, soil testing, and more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for lawn mowing service to ensure your lawn receives the best care possible this autumn, setting it up for a vibrant and healthy spring.

May 12th, 2023

Debunking Common Lawn Care Myths: What Should You Be Doing?

When it comes to maintaining a lush, green, and healthy lawn, there are plenty of myths that have made their way into the mainstream. Despite their persistence, these myths can actually hinder your lawn care efforts, potentially resulting in a lawn that's less than amazing. Understanding these misconceptions is the first step towards better lawn care and more enjoyable outdoor spaces. So, let's debunk some common lawn care myths along with helping find the best lawn care near you!

Early Spring Fertilization

Debunking Common Lawn Care Myths: What Should You Be Doing?

One of the most common myths is that you should fertilize your lawn as soon as spring arrives. While it's true that spring is an essential time for lawn fertilization, applying it too early can result in rapid, weak growth that's more susceptible to disease and pests. Furthermore, a lot of this fertilizer could just end up washing away with the spring rains, a waste of both money and resources. Instead, the best time to fertilize your lawn is usually later in the spring when the grass starts actively growing.

That Lawn Maintenance Isn't Environmentally Friendly

Many people assume that lawn maintenance is inherently harmful to the environment. While it's true that overuse of chemicals or water can have negative impacts, responsible lawn care can be quite eco-friendly. For example, maintaining a healthy lawn helps to reduce soil erosion, filter stormwater runoff, and absorb airborne pollutants. Plus, advancements in eco-friendly fertilizers and watering techniques have made it possible to care for your lawn while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Taking a Break from Lawn Care in the Winter

Another common myth is that lawn care should be put on hold during the winter. While your lawn certainly isn't growing as vigorously during the colder months, that doesn't mean it doesn't need any attention. Winterizing your lawn with appropriate fertilizers can help to prepare it for spring. Also, regular removal of fallen leaves or other debris can prevent damage to the grass underneath.

Spiked Shoes for Aeration are Good

Many people believe that wearing spiked shoes while mowing can help to aerate the lawn. However, the reality is that these shoes can actually compact the soil more, restricting the roots' access to water, oxygen, and nutrients. For proper aeration, specialized aeration machines that remove small plugs of soil from the lawn are recommended.

You Should Bag All Lawn Clippings

There is a persistent belief that bagging all lawn clippings is the best way to keep a tidy lawn. However, leaving some clippings behind can be beneficial as they decompose and provide valuable nutrients back to the soil. Just ensure the layer of clippings isn't so thick that it chokes the grass beneath it.

Schedule a Consultation with Western Landscape for Lawn Care Near You in Madison

Maintaining a healthy, lush lawn doesn't have to be a chore filled with misunderstandings. With the right information and approach, lawn care can become a fulfilling and sustainable activity. If you're near Madison and seeking professional guidance, don't hesitate to contact Western Landscape

Our experts are ready to debunk any lawn care myths you've heard and provide you with a practical, eco-friendly lawn care strategy tailored to your yard's specific needs. We look forward to helping you create the lawn of your dreams! Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation and learn more. 

May 10th, 2023

Hardscaping Services: What You Need to Know

Summer's here, and it's time to take the party outdoors! Backyard cookouts, grad parties, and hangouts with family and friends fill those sunny days. But to truly amp up the fun, you need more outdoor space. That's where hardscaping comes in! Western Landscape has been helping homeowners bring their dream yards to life for several years. We've got a bunch of services that'll make your ideas pop. And we’re uncovering them right here in this blog!

Hardscaping Defined

Picture this: your yard is more than just a patch of grass. It's a canvas waiting to be adorned with rocks, walls, driveways, and other eye-catching additions. That's what hardscaping is all about—sprucing up your outdoor space with non-natural elements.

Hardscaping Services: What You Need to Know

Why do folks opt for hardscaping services, you ask? Well, it's all about elevating your yard game and making it the ultimate chill-out zone. Think of summer gatherings, leisurely hangouts, and endless outdoor bliss. Investing in hardscaping means crafting a space that's tailored to your comfort, beckoning you to soak up the great outdoors.

Leave the dull yards behind and embrace the wonders of hardscaping services. It's time to create an outdoor oasis that reflects your unique style and invites you to bask in nature!

What Does Hardscaping Include?

Hardscaping services can take many forms to create the ultimate yard experience. Here are a few services that we provide at Western Landscape:

  • Designing Hardscape

The very first step in this exciting adventure is to let your imagination run wild and envision your ultimate yard transformation. And guess what? We've got your back every step of the way.

Our team is here to assist you in planning and designing every single nook and cranny of your yard. We take pride in working alongside our clients, meaning you call the shots, and we make it happen. 

  • Fire Pits

Balmy summer nights, the stars twinkling above, and you, surrounded by the cozy warmth of a crackling fire. Can you feel the good vibes already?

A fire pit is the hardscape addition that'll level up your yard's appeal. It's not just any old fire pit; it's a place where the whole family can gather around, roasting marshmallows and swapping stories. Trust us, those summer nights will become unforgettable when you've got a fire feature in your yard.

  • Walkways

Add a walkway to your space or give your old one a facelift! We're all about giving you the power to choose the layout and size that perfectly matches your patio vibes. 

  • Patio

Your yard has the potential to become your very own relaxation haven. Imagine soaking up that sweet sunshine, spending quality time outdoors, and leaving the stresses of work and chores behind. That's where a patio getaway comes in. It's like a personal invitation to embrace the great outdoors and soak up vitamin D. 

Contact Western Landscape Hardscaping Services

Don’t wait to get the perfect outdoor space for the summer! Contact our team at Western Landscape for more information on our hardscaping services and how to book a service. We look forward to hearing from you!

April 30th, 2023

Madison Commercial Landscaping Keeps Your Property Looking Great


If you're running a physical business of any size in Madison, it's vital to think about your outdoor appearance. People make snap judgments about whether to visit a business based in large part on how it looks. So, if your lawn, greenscaping, or hardscaping looks run-down, that's likely to drive people away.

Fortunately, Madison commercial landscaping services are easy to obtain and can be extremely affordable. Whether you merely want to maintain what you have, or you want to improve your outside appearance with renovations, a great commercial landscaping service can make it happen.

Here are just a few of the ways they can help.

Regular Green Space Maintenance

If you have any greenspace on your property, it's vital to keep that space well-maintained. Commercial landscaping services in Madison can take away any worry you might have about the look of your greenspace. 

Madison Commercial Landscaping Keeps Your Property Looking Great

A commercial lawn maintenance service has high-grade tools, and workers are trained specifically to maintain the look of vital commercial environments. Your grass will be perfectly maintained, your trees and hedges will be trimmed, and all garbage and debris will be removed. This can happen as often as you need, such as monthly, or even weekly.

Having regularly scheduled maintenance can be easier than you think to budget for. You’ll be able to anticipate your costs every time. Keeping up the appearance of your greenery is a well-justifiable business expense, especially when the alternative - a dirty or overgrown lawn - may hurt your customer acquisition. 

Keeping Up Your Hardscaping

Most businesses have some form of hardscaping, even if it's just the walkway leading to your door. Larger businesses may have a highly diverse front lawn, or internal space, with a mixture of stonework, physical structures like statues, and an ornamental lawn designed to match.

If that’s the case for your business, you need a commercial hardscaping crew capable of maintaining your look! The more complicated your outdoor environment is, the more important it becomes to keep it looking great. Few things are sadder than a once-grand business walk-up becoming overgrown with weeds, filled with dirty stonework, or covered in debris. 

A company with experience maintaining commercial hardscapes can ensure your business looks amazing, year-round. Your customers will feel invited, and new visitors will want to check you out. It's one of the easiest investments you can make in the future of your enterprise.

Redesigning Your Landscape

Of course, that's just talking about maintenance. What happens when you decide it's time for your business to get a new look? That's when it's vital to bring in highly experienced Madison landscaping professionals to provide the makeover.

Landscaping and hardscaping isn't just a job. It's an art! A great Madison commercial landscaping service - like Western Landscape - sees every project as an artistic challenge to design the best possible outdoor spaces for your business needs. We won't just add some turf and rocks, we'll go over everything with you:

  • The type of business you do
  • The types of visitors/customers you're looking to attract
  • Your workforce and internal culture
  • The existing design and style of your building and property
  • Any plans for future expansion or development
  • Expected long-term maintenance and upkeep costs

Every piece of landscaping or hardscaping should be thoughtfully designed and placed for maximum impact, and to send the message you want. 

Anyone looking at your business from the curb will know exactly what you're about, and what messages you're trying to send. That puts you in a position of authority and helps you stand out in increasingly crowded markets.

Plus, when your landscape designers are also maintaining it, you'll know that they're already well-familiar with the property. That minimizes the chances of mistakes and ensures your lawn and/or yard looks exactly as you want, year after year, without falling into disrepair.

Choose Western Landscape for Excellent Madison Commercial Landscaping Services

In just a few years, we've grown to be one of the top choices in Madison for landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance. You can see the range of projects we've worked on in our project gallery, and we're always looking for new projects to test our skills. Big or small, we can build the perfect exterior setting for your business and keep it looking amazing for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss our commercial landscaping services in detail

April 20th, 2023

Make Your Madison Lawn Care Easy with Professional Lawn Care Services


Having a fantastic lawn with great landscaping and hardscaping is wonderful - until it comes time to maintaining it. We understand that sometimes free time is scarce to do things like lawn care - or when there is time, there are probably things you'd rather be doing to relax. As a result, it's easy to let a once-great lawn become overgrown, dirty, and unappealing.

If this sounds familiar, there's an easy solution: Madison lawn care services from Western Landscape! We make it simple and affordable to keep your lawn looking great, year-round. We'll mow, trim, clean, and of course, get rid of any clippings and debris afterward.

Why choose lawn care services in Madison? There are plenty of reasons.

Make Your Madison Lawn Care Easy with Professional Lawn Care Services

You'll Spend More Time in a Well-Kept Yard

One of the biggest problems with allowing a lawn or yard to become messy is that it discourages you from going out there. So, it becomes a spiraling problem - the messier the lawn is, the less you want to make use of it.

Hiring a lawn care service means that you won’t have to dodge your sad looking yard anymore. Whenever you feel like enjoying the outdoors, it'll be there, looking pristine and ready for fun. That also means more opportunities for get-togethers or just relaxing evenings with a drink and the stars.

Free Up More Spare Time

Many people see lawn maintenance as an obligation– do you really want to be spending your weekends mowing, trimming, and cleaning up? Most people have things they'd rather spend their precious free time on. 

A Madison lawn care service buys you that free time - and at surprisingly low rates. You won't have to worry about making time for your yard, let us handle all your lawn care needs while you spend your free time on what really matters.

Improve Your Home's Appeal and Value

Just about everyone wants a house that looks great from the curb, and to have a backyard they'd be proud to show off to friends, family, and co-workers. Your home should be a source of pride, not embarrassment, and a well-maintained lawn helps make that happen.

Also, in particular, a great lawn is a must if you're thinking about selling. It makes your home far more attractive to real estate agents and potential buyers. After all, your lawn is one of the very first things people see on your property, so it should make a great first impression.

Have a Great Lawn Thanks to Western Landscape

For years, we've been providing the best in landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care services across the greater Madison, WI, area. No job is too big or small! We can do basic lawn-mowing and trimming or go all-out with a full lawn makeover.

If your lawn needs attention, contact us to discuss our lawn care services.

April 10th, 2023

Add a Brick Patio to Your Madison, WI, Home!


Are you looking for a way to spruce up your backyard, and enjoy it more in the coming summer and fall months? One of the best options is to add a brick patio to your Madison, WI, home. Brick patios are beautiful and multifunctional, and you can even safely add other features, such as a space to place your barbecue and even an outdoor fireplace!

Why a Brick Patio?

Adding a brick patio to your Madison home can provide you with a sturdy and solid investment. Brick can last for many years with only the most basic of cleaning, and it can stand up to the elements. 

A great hardscaping contractor can work with you to design a brick patio that fits into the space available while ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy it! Also, brick is a truly timeless building material. It can fit in seamlessly with any home color and style.

Add a Brick Patio to Your Madison, WI, Home!

Sprucing Up Your Brick Patio

Brick is multifunctional, so you can do a lot with it! At a minimum, you could add some chairs, a table, and maybe a bit of shade and you'll have a great spot for breakfast, brunch, or just relaxing with a drink in the evening.

You might even consider an attached outdoor fireplace. A fireplace is a great way to bring about a gathering or just enjoy time roasting marshmallows with your kids!

There are numerous ways to make your brick patio even better, adding to its value, and a fireplace is a great start.

Western Landscape Makes Your Outdoors Beautiful

We have years of experience serving the Madison, WI, area with the best in landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance services. We want to build the most beautiful and functional outdoor environments possible, so you can enjoy your home that much more. You can see our work for yourself in our gallery of past projects.

If it's time to make your outdoor living space even better, contact us to discuss your ideal project!

August 3rd, 2022

Watering Tips for Newly Seeded Areas

The key to successfully turning seed into established grass is consistency and awareness of how you water it. For the first 1-4 weeks, or until the seed has germinated, water lightly (mist or fine spray) 1-2 times per day to keep the top inch of the soil consistently moist. Do not wash away the seed with too much water. After the seed has germinated, continue to water daily, keeping the top 2 inches of soil moist until the grass reaches mowing height (about 3 inches). Once the grass has reached this point, you can reduce watering to roughly twice per week, but soaking the soil more deeply. The goal during this stage is to encourage roots to grow deeper into the soil. 

The straw matting put down over new seed does NOT need to be removed. The matting will disintegrate, and is not only a protective shield for your seed, but also prevents erosion, which will wash away the soil and seed. Once the seed grows in, you won't even be able to see the matting!


July 27th, 2022

Aeration 101

 Most of you have probably heard about Aeration - or are at least familiar with the word - but do you know what it does and why we do it? We'd love to break this service down for you.

Essentially, core aeration punches holes in the turf, removing plugs of grass and soil in the process. This action creates pockets of air in your turf, and can relieve compaction built up by foot traffic, pets, and other factors. If you've ever cooked a frozen meal in the microwave, and used a fork to puncture the meal before heating it up, you understand that this action allows the heat to distribute more evenly throughout the food. Same goes for aeration allowing sunlight, water, and nutrients to permeate your turf! Aeration relieves pressure in your lawn, and offers it the ability to breathe in these vital nutrients.

Pro tip for determining whether your turf is compacted: the "Screwdriver Test." Grab a screwdriver and stick it into your turf - it should slide in relatively easily. If you meet resistance, you're probably suffering from compaction!

We love pairing aeration with Overseeding, as these little pockets of air created by aeration offer an ideal nest for new seed to flourish. As opposed to seeding on top of the earth, we are getting the seed deeper, as well as offering a protected space for it to grow and thrive. 

If you're suffering from lawn compaction, heavy weeds in your turf, or an uneven lawn - aeration and overseeding just may be the answer this fall. Stronger, healthier grass can choke out those pesky weeds, and creating pockets of air in your turf allows it to settle more evenly.

Still have questions about aeration and/ or overseeding? Fire away! We'd love to help