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Retaining Walls in Madison: Beauty and Functionality Together

We love every opportunity we get to turn someone's lawn, yard, or garden into the outdoor space of their dreams - but there's something special about retaining walls. Retaining walls (also called retention walls) are intended to prevent soil erosion in lawns with elevation changes. However, they're so beautiful that they make any green space look special and extra-attractive!

If you're looking for that perfect touch to turn your lawn or yard into a space you'd love to live in permanently, retaining walls are a great upgrade.

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What Are Retaining Walls?

The main purpose of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion. If your lawn has a significant slope or other height differences, the soil in the high ground will move to the low ground over time. A retaining wall holds the soil in place and preserves the natural topography of your lawn.

In addition, retention walls can also slow down water and provide some flood control. So, your lawn won't wash away when it rains.

Retaining wall blocks can be many different materials, including stonework, brick, wood, or even made by pouring concrete. The most popular walls are either modular block retaining walls, or natural stone walls. Many times, home builders will install boulder retaining walls on new construction homes. These walls do not have an extremely long life expectancy so homeowners will frequently upgrade later to block retaining walls to give their home a new look or to replace the old retaining walls that may not be structurally sound anymore.

A great retaining wall looks amazing while protecting your lawn at the same time!

Retaining Walls Beautify Your Lawn

Retaining walls aren't only for sloped lawns. They can be added to almost any green space to give them a unique design.

Depending on the size of your lawn, you could also use retaining walls to break up the space. Imagine having a classic British-style garden in your yard! Retaining walls would add to the look and create a clear line between the garden space and the rest of the lawn. 

Why Choose Western Landscape

We're a proudly family-owned business that loves what we do! We aren't some impersonal corporate contractor - we're here to craft the lawn of your dreams, using every tool we have. Our people are highly trained, and we focus on creating the perfect lawn or yard for every client.

We're fully licensed and insured so you don't have to worry. Your lawn is in good hands with Western Landscape!

Check out our gallery of past projects to see our work for yourself. Then give us a call and tell us what kind of lawn you'd love to have! We're always here to help.


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