Rise as a team, Fall as a team

Join Our Team

Not your average landscape company… What makes us different? Our culture. It’s who we are. It’s the Western Family.

We rise as a team and fall as a team. We are not perfect, but are striving to be. We are on a mission to build the greatest landscape company in Madison in order to provide reliable and honest services to our community.

We are…

  • Humble – We can admit when we are wrong and take constructive criticism.
  • Hungry – We are motivated, driven, and get it done!
  • Aligned – Everyone is on the same mission and driving the in the same direction.
  • Inspirational – We strive to inspire the people around us with everything we do.

We are building the greatest landscape company in Madison. This is how.

**High achievers only!**

Don’t want to be a part of a “high-achieving” team? Not to worry, find another company to work for. You won’t fit in here!