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Overseeding & Aeration Services in the Madison, WI Area

Aeration is the process of puncturing holes in your turf to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. Having your lawn aerated is a great all-natural way to improve the overall health of your lawn. Core aeration removes small cores or “plugs” from the lawn, which break back down into the turf after a week or so. The holes created by aeration allow water, oxygen, and sunlight to penetrate the turf and reach the root system, improving your lawn’s health and encouraging grass growth and expansion.

Improve Your Lawn’s Overall Health with Aeration

Aeration is most effective in late spring or early fall; we prefer aerating in fall, as the ground is warmer then, and thus the process is most effective. Our experts recommend aerating on an annual basis to consistently encourage a healthy lawn.

Aeration is often followed by overseeding, which is the process of spreading grass seed which falls into the newly created holes on your turf, making your lawn even more lush, healthy, and rejuvenated.

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