Landscape Lighting Madison Wi

At Western Landscape, we believe your property’s first impression can be magical, especially at night. That’s why our Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation services are more than just fixtures; they illuminate your passion for beauty and ensure your home shines the brightest in the neighborhood. Our lighting solutions are fully customizable, offering any color to match your mood or occasion and can be controlled via Bluetooth for ultimate convenience.

With trusted experts dedicated to crafting safe, stunning, and energy-efficient lighting solutions, we guarantee a seamless enhancement of your outdoor living spaces. Serving the Madison, WI area, we’re committed to transforming your garden into a breathtaking nighttime retreat, where every light we install is a reflection of our commitment to quality, honesty, and your satisfaction.

Transform Your Nights

Outdoor lighting opens a new dimension in your landscape, transforming your garden into an enchanting nighttime haven.

Safety Meets Style

Increase the safety and security around your home with elegantly placed lights that deter unwelcome visitors.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Embrace sustainability with low-voltage LED systems that minimize energy use while maximizing illumination.

Future-Ready: Our systems are designed to grow with your needs, easily expanding as your landscape evolves.

Effortless Control

Automated timers and smart controls let you manage your lighting from any device—effortless adjustment at your fingertips.

Personalized Ambiance

Control individual lights or groups, and adjust settings for dimming and color changes to match your mood or event.

Ready to transform your home?